What Are the Causes of Difficult Defecate Babies and How to Overcome It?

Many parents complain that their children have difficulty eating and even stop eating. This makes the digestive system in infants disturbed and difficult to defecate. However, the problem of defecation in infants is not to be taken lightly, because it can adversely affect the development and health of your child. Therefore, you need to know the cause of a difficult baby defecate and how to overcome it.

Difficult Defecation Babies

What are the causes of difficult babies to defecate?

It is important to look at the causes of difficult defecate babies so that they can be immediately prevented and can overcome them thoroughly, therefore the mother must know some things that can cause it, among others:

1. Dehydration

Lack of fluid intake in infants can cause stool to become hard, which causes babies to become defective.

2. Formula milk

Changes in the intake of breast milk to formula milk will usually be more susceptible to constipation. This can happen because formula milk is more difficult to digest than breast milk. Therefore, you must analyze the content in formula milk before giving it to your little one.

3. Solid food

Usually during the transition of liquid to solid food often makes the baby’s digestion shocked and difficult to defecate. To minimize this happening, give foods rich in fiber for the baby.

4. Certain medical conditions

Some medical conditions can cause constipation in infants, such as allergies or food poisoning, digestive system disorders from birth, and metabolic disorders.

There are several ways that can be done to overcome digestive disorders in infants, among others:

1. Change formula milk

Babies have a very sensitive digestive system; therefore usually the little one cannot receive formula milk at first. To prevent this from happening, you can try giving other brands of formula milk, which has a mild content.

2. Give breast milk

It is very safe to give breast milk to hard-to-defecate babies, because the content in breast milk obtained from the mother’s body has special antibodies that will help the digestive tract in the baby get better, so the baby becomes smooth during bowel movements.

3. Take a warm bath

For your little one to be more relaxed and comfortable by bathing him using warm water, so that the digestive tract becomes smooth and easy to remove feces. Does this after you massage your baby, so that the effect is more maximal? But don’t let the baby cry because it can make his abdominal muscles tense.

4. Sufficient water needs

Make sure the little one’s water needs are sufficient to help the digestive system work more smoothly. However, if the baby is still under six months old, you should give full breast milk and do not give mineral water. If the baby is used to receiving solid food, mineral water can help prevent constipation.

5. Abdominal massage

When the baby is constipated, his stomach becomes uncomfortable. The mother can handle it by gently massaging the lower part of the baby’s stomach about 3 fingers from the navel.

Well, those are some of the things that cause babies to defecate and how to overcome them that you need to know. Always keep an eye on the food your child consumes to prevent constipation from happening. If the above method has not been able to overcome constipation in infants, you should immediately check with your pediatrician.