Ways to Smooth Menstruation so you are Healthier and Comfortable

Menstruation that comes once a month is indeed sometimes makes us uncomfortable, especially when menstruation comes only half-measures or less smoothly. Well, this time we will give some tips for changing the menstrual lifestyle so that more smoothly. Want to know what are the tip facilitate menstruation? How to smooth a menstruation you can do include:

Ways to Smooth Menstruation so you are Healthier and Comfortable 1

1. Learn more about your period

You need to do is identify your menstrual type first. What is the color and texture of menstrual blood that comes out? Amounts a lot or a little? Is it often spotting? If you are sure of the actual condition of your period, the steps to smooth your next period are easier to do.

2. Drink herbal tea regularly

Hot herbal teas in addition to giving a cool effect to the throat, it can also smooth your period. The content of herbal teas such as cinnamon, chamomile, and ginger has proven to be effective in treating PMS symptoms, ranging from stomach cramps to feeling sick thanks to the anti-stress effects of herbal teas.

3. Consume more protein

Regular protein consumption will balance hormones, and balanced hormones will be resulted in a smooth menstruation. Raw proteins such as almonds, cheese, canned sardines, and a boiled egg could be options for you who are busy and not had time to organize every detail of food consumption. In addition to the smooth of menstruation, protein can also increase fertility womb.

4. Avoid unhealthy food

How do you know if a food is not healthy? Usually, foods that are clean and white are not healthy. White flour, white rice, and soon have gone through various processes so that natural nutrients have been reduced. So, try switching to healthy foods like brown rice and beans. Also try consuming dark chocolate which contains flavonoids to promote blood circulation.

5. Vitamin D

There are 2 ways to get vitamin D, i.e. from food and from sunlight. Salmon, tuna, sardines, and egg yolks are good sources for vitamin d. but since the foods above are sometimes hard to find, and then frequently drink skim milk or Sun between the hours of 8 to 10 in the morning sun to get your vitamin D intake. In addition to the smooth of menstruation, vitamin D will also protects you from a variety of dangerous cancer.

6. Take advantage of the warm water

Women who often suffer from PMS towards menstruation is definitely know damn well with warm water compress that often accompany abdominal cramps. Well, it has miraculously compresses an extra function to smooth the flow of menstruation. How, compress the lower stomach area with warm water for 1 hour per day. Gore will rotate faster fall with this method.

After reading menstruating smoothly trick above, surely you will be more motivated to stay healthy life when menstruation. Don’t forget to always move much and drink water every day to support your health when menstruation. Don’t forget; share this article with your friends to share its benefits.