Variety of Precautions When Pregnant You Must Avoid

Pregnancy is not a short time. During this period, prospective mothers must be able to keep their fetus in a healthy and comfortable condition. To guarantee this, there are several restrictions on pregnancy that must be followed, both in terms of food and beverages consumed and the activities carried out.

Precautions When Pregnant

Food and drink is abstinence of expectant mothers, among others:

1. Seafood
All types of seafood are the dietary restrictions for pregnant women, both raw seafood and cooked seafood, especially raw because it still contains a lot of bacteria. Sushi is also included in this category, therefore, any sushi never eaten the expectant mother.

2. Half-cooked Food
During pregnancy, the mother should always be consuming food that has been cooked until done. This is to make sure all bacteria, germs, dirt and died when the food is cooked. Therefore, avoid ingestion of eggs of half-baked, half-cooked meats, and other foods that are not cooked to perfection.

3. Goat Meat
Goat meat is at risk of being consumed by pregnant women because it contains high cholesterol. Therefore, prospective mothers who have high tension never eat goat meat. For even normal-tensed mothers, avoid consuming goat meat excessively.

4. Pineapple
Pineapple fruit, especially pineapple young, should not be consumed by the mother. This is because it causes excessive sour flavor. For many parents, young considered the pineapple can cause a miscarriage.

5. Alcohol
Not only is the illegitimate mother contains 9 months. This is because alcohol can give negative effects to fetal growth, such as the risk of premature birth, brain defects, congenital heart disease, impaired motor function and sensory function. Although in the serving of alcohol, it should not be consumed because it will go through the placenta of mother and baby.

6. Tapai (also tapay or tape)
Tapes and all fermented foods are also taboos for expectant mothers during pregnancy. The tape fermentation process uses yeast and contains alcohol. Some of the negative risks of alcohol for prospective mothers and babies have been mentioned in the previous points.

7. Fizzy Drinks
Fizzy drinks are prohibited for pregnant women because of the superiority of content. Excessive caffeine content can make mother’s miscarriage, calcium deficiencies, or a baby born with insufficient weight. In addition, the fizzy drinks are also dangerous because it contains a lot of calories, as well as coloring substances substance artificial sweeteners.

8. Green Tea
Green tea, drinks with a million benefits for health and beauty, apparently not to be drunk by pregnant women! Green tea is not consumed because it can make mothers lack of folate. This affects the possibility of neural tube defects. Miscarriage or death of the fetus in the womb is a danger that might be faced if the mother drinks too much green tea.

9. Coffee and tea
Just like fizzy drinks, coffee and tea is not drinkable every day because it contains caffeine high. So for the pregnant women, avoid buying Starbucks coffee or iced milk is a favorite time for the sake of the health and safety of the baby.

Activity which is abstinence of pregnant women, among others:

1. Wear Regular Bras
For 9 months to contain fetus, the mother’s body will undergo many changes. It is influenced by hormones in the body. Try to always wear clothing that is specially designed for pregnant women, ranging from a shirt, pants, and dress up in like a bra. Never wear a bra is okay, because it can cause pain in the breast.

2. The Diet
While pregnant, the mother needs all the nutrients, the intake of nutritious foods, and a multivitamin to ensure the health and safety of the baby. So, waste away thought to diet or keep food from being fat. Remember, malnutrition can thus make the fetus experienced a growth disorder.

3. Extreme Sports
Avoid activities that may harm the prospective mother during pregnancy, such as riding a horse. This is one activity of abstinence for pregnant women because it can make your mother drop, to risk injury or miscarriage.

4. Cigarette smoking
Women are active smokers have a greater risk of experiencing a disruption in the placenta, fetal growth disturbance, a baby born prematurely. Though not worst active smokers, passive smokers also have the possibility of giving birth to infants with a weight below normal. Therefore, as much as possible, avoid exposure to cigarette smoke during pregnancy.

5. The Sauna or soak in the hot water
According to a study, the sauna or soak in the hot water in the first 3 months of pregnancy at risk increases the probability of the occurrence of miscarriage. The prospective mother should not be exposed to heat exposure in a long time. So when Mother love to soak or go to the sauna, stop the first two activities this early in the pregnancy.

6. Exposed to Radiation
Abstinence is exposed to radiation exposure. The radiation source can be from anywhere, such as solar radiation, radiation of electronic appliances such as mobile phones or computers, as well as x-ray radiation or x-rays. Therefore, do not use hp and computers too long. Also avoid being outdoors without protection.

After reading the various dietary restrictions while pregnant for prospective mothers, it can be concluded that the prospective mother should avoid food-drinks and activities that can harm the fetus, although the possibility is very small. The mother should be in a healthy condition, comfortable, and always keep the mood so as not to stress, because stress can negatively affect the baby.