Using Phone Too Much Can Trigger the Disease

Currently cell phones including items are mandatory. Your mobile phone becomes an object that always carried everywhere. No wonder, because the sophistication of mobile phones currently gives much ease. However, excessive use of cell phones may pose a risk of health problems.

Using the Phone

Aside from being a means of communication, cell phones have many of the features that can be enjoyed by its users, ranging from cameras, games, and internet access. However, the researchers then showed that excessive cell phone use could bring negative effects to the health of a person.

To note, the level of risk of health problems due to your mobile phone, depending on the intensity of use. The higher the level of use, the higher the risk of health problems this may cause.

Too much exposure to light from the phone in the evenings before bed will affect the quality of sleep, and the sleep quality can cause various health problems, such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

In addition, some health disorders can also occur due to excessive use of mobile phones is:

1. Trigger thumb
In this condition, the thumb remains in a State of bent though are not using mobile phones. This rigid thumb may cause rattling sensation and pain in the joints when forced to get back on the straight position. Trigger thumb occur due to thickening of the tendon of the wrapping on the thumb, so the fingers becomes difficult to move freely.

2. Cubital tunnel syndrome
When playing a phone you may often bend and lean the elbow, either just to hold the phone, play with the phone, or when calling. If done too often, there is a risk that the ulnar nerve in your elbow will be disturbed. As a result you will experience numbness, tingling to pain in the elbow or forearm that spreads up to the little finger and ring finger.

3. Text neck syndrome
Using a cell phone redundantly tends to make you look down too much. This time can cause strain on the muscles of the neck so it feels stiff, even cause pain radiating up to the shoulder and arm.

4. Damage the eyesight
Blue light generated by the phone screen can cause tired eyes, and then can cause pain in the eye. If it happens in the long term, these waves can damage the cornea and endanger the function of vision.

5. Cancer
Research shows the possibility of cell phone radiation is carcinogenic or can cause cancer. Nevertheless, there has not been sufficient clinical evidence to support this opinion, so further research is needed.

That is no less important to note is the increased risk of traffic accidents resulting from the use of mobile phones at the time of driving. The risk of traffic accidents increased to 3-4 times, when using a mobile phone while driving, either held or use hands-free.

Mobile phones can indeed cause negative effects when used in excess. However, it cannot be denied, now holds great hardness, cell phones in the everyday life of many people. Here are some tips to minimize the negative impact of mobile usage:

1. The night towards the bed, try to turn off the phone. Keep the atmosphere of the room dark and quiet in order to keep the quality in order to sleep better.
2. Avoid the use of mobile phones while driving, either both car and motorcycle. If really necessary, we recommend that you stop at the edge of the road for a moment to answer a phone call or reply to a message. A little late, better than experiencing harm.
3. When using a mobile phone, try not to get too down. Rest every 20 minutes, and do stretching on the hands, arms, back, and neck.
4. Exercise such as yoga or palates can help you reduce muscle stiffness resulting from too many using cell phones.
5. Do not use a cell phone while walking. This can increase the likelihood of falls and injury.
6. If you are concerned about the risk of cancer and other health disorders, you can restrict the use of cell phones and wearing a hands-free calls or while listening to music.

Mobile phones did indeed bring a lot of convenience, but do not threaten health. Use your mobile phone wisely, so that you can enjoy the benefits of technology without having to undergo the risk.