Types of Vegetarian You Might Not Know

Many people who mention vegetarian is all people who do not eat meat and eat only vegetables only. But, do you know what a vegetarian is?

Types of Vegetarian You Might Not Know 1

It turns out that vegetarians are not always people who do not eat meat. There are also people who cannot eat something and avoid eating something and it turns out it’s also included in the type of vegetarian diet. Types of vegetarian include:

1. Semi-Vegetarians

Semi-Vegetarians are a type of vegetarian who still eat meat, but only certain meats they eat. The restrictions differ from one person to another.

Semi-vegetarians are divided into two types namely Pesco vegetarian eating fish and vegetarian who ate Pollo all vegetables but still allowed to consume poultry, including chickens, ducks and other poultry animals for consumption.

2. Total Vegetarian

When you consider that during this vegetarian are people who don’t eat meat and eat only vegetables, this is called a total vegetarian. Total Vegetarian is someone who really only eat plants (vegetables), and do not eat meat.

Even products containing milk, eggs, fish and honey are also eaten by people who total vegetarian. So someone who is a Total Vegetarian was really someone who only eats vegetables.

3. Raw Foodists

Raw Foodists are types of vegetarians who don’t cook food above 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 46 degrees Celsius. People who include Raw Foodists consider that the process of killing enzymes when cooking takes place is very important. Usually foods that they don’t cook are all kinds of fruits, raw vegetables, nuts and seeds.

4. Lacto Vegetarians

Lacto Vegetarians is someone who does not eat and drink from animal ingredients. Animal foods include beef, fish, chicken, goats and others. But for the Lacto type Vegetarians still consume milk-containing foods and drinks with the exception of eggs, they drink dairy products but eggs are not included.

5. Lacto Ovo Vegetarians

Lacto Ovo Vegetarians that is the most commonly found type and average people who are vegetarians including type on this one. Lacto Ovo Vegetarians is a type of vegetarian who only eat all kinds of vegetables, foods containing milk and egg as well.

They are Lacto Ovo Vegetarians in this type of still do not eat meat or animal foods contain elements. The difference is they keep eating or drinking with the material processed milk and eggs.

6. Fruitarians

This type of vegetarian only eats fruit and vegetable fruits. Now someone who likes to eat fruit or vegetables by harvesting without killing or consuming the roots of a plant is including this type of vegetarian. Foods that are included in the type of vegetarian Fruitarians are avocados, cucumbers, grains, beans, pumpkins and tomatoes.

It turns out that not all vegetarians are the same type, for many types of actual vegetarian eating and diets differ from one type to another type.

Roughly you including type which one? If you are not yet included in the types of it, whether you want to follow a vegetarian diet? Someone who is a vegetarian had many advantages, e.g. maintaining sustainability of animal body and no doubt will be much healthier.