Types of Insurance a Must-Have for Ease the Burden of Life

Insurance is one of the necessary investments for everyone. Because, insurance has a very important function and can minimize the bad risks that can occur at any time. By registering for insurance, you can minimize expenses and ease the burden of life. But, you should know that choosing insurance should not be originally. You must know the type of insurance that suits your needs.


This time, we will tell you what type of compulsory types of insurance you have, namely:

1. Life insurance

Life insurance aims to provide financial protection if the insured party’s death. However, there are some service provider’s insurance refund the insured party before his death, and most of the others give their funds after the insured dies.

Life insurance can also be registered for the third person, and life insurance is one of the most important types of insurance because it would assure insured party family life after the insured person who has died.

2. Health insurance

Health insurance is insurance that is most widely used by the community. With health insurance, the insured will get health coverage if they experienced the events such as injury, illness, disability, and even death due to accident. Although none of us want to experience it, certainly we know what impact to be borne over the incident.

Thus, the option to use health insurance is of particular concern to the public in order to anticipate unpredictable adverse events. Insurance providers will finance the health needs of each policyholder such as inpatient and operating costs. This type of health insurance can also be purchased by a third person.

3. Vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance protection will give the injury or damage to another person’s vehicle which caused by the behavior of the vehicle insured parties. Vehicle insurance will also replace the loss due to damage to the vehicle or loss of the insured party.

4. Insurance-home

Home insurance aims to give protection to the landlord for all losses related to their residence. Losses can include natural disasters such as fire, damage, flood, or other natural disasters that befell the property insured parties. The insurance will reimburse losses with the money that could be used to build a House again.

Types of vehicle insurance are divided into two, namely, the protection for the total loss or for all risks. Motorcycle vehicle insurance is usually only able to total loss, while for car protection applies all risks.

5. Permanent Total disability insurance

Total permanent disability insurance provides coverage to the insured parties experience a loss of functionality when they are members of the body so as not to be able to continue work as usual. Provisions for disability insurance remain valid if the total insured loss of function of the body caused by accident or illness and has been for 6 months from the time of the accident.

6. Travel insurance

Travel insurance can be said to be a short term insurance which is valid only when the insured party to travel. The insured party will get protection from travel insurance if you have an accident at the time of the trip is underway. This type of insurance will cover the cost of emergency treatment.

Do not apply only to accidents, the risk of a damaged or missing goods belonging to the insured party will also gain protection from loss of insurance providers.

7. Pregnancy and childbirth Insurance

Pregnancy and childbirth insurance including the type of insurance that’s important considering these moments will be risking the lives of the mother and child. Pregnancy and childbirth insurance will give protection if the mother had to go to the hospital because of the experience of certain conditions.

Pregnancy and childbirth insurance coverage includes pre and post delivery, the cost of normal childbirth or Caesar, to pregnancy complications (if experiencing a miscarriage or required hospitalization due to complications).

Well, after reading these kinds of insurance over, hopefully you already know which should be made a priority. Roughly what type of insurance is best suited for you? Whatever the type, now you can easily list and submit the best insurance whenever, adjust to the needs.