Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports

Development and technological innovation is intended to assist people in living activities in life, not least in sports activities. Technological innovation in today’s sport is even as it has become a necessity.

Many sports are in desperate need of help from these high-tech tools. Whether it’s individual or team sports, all have used high-tech tools for the smooth running of the game.

Especially for a sport that is already competed professionally, then certainly this technological innovation will continue to develop. Namely follow the development of technology and the needs of the sport game itself is increasingly complex.

Here are 10 most popular technological innovations used in various sports.

1. Computerized Score – Bowling

Technological Innovations in Sport

For fans of bowling would have been familiar with the scoreboard every time a game. But have you ever imagined while playing bowling all the count in this sport should be done manually?

Calculating the score on the bowling is not easy, and then computers that can help calculate the score with 100 percent accuracy. Be thankful there are scores that have been computerized, because you may be able to quit this sport when it’s difficult to calculate the score manually.

Just as an accountant is greatly helped by computerization, so is bowling. By using computerized scores, you can focus on rolling the ball towards the bowling pin.

2. Kinetic Energy Recovery System – Car Racing

Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports 1

Quoted from the Formula 1 website, kinetic energy recovery system is a system capable of removing heat generated from the braking process. In Lehman’s theory, this system can occur by using residual energy from the car when it brakes and reuse it in addition to acceleration.

This system was first introduced in 2009, but not all racing teams want to use this system. The main reason why teams do not use this system is because of the weight of the tool that reaches 35 kg. This kinetic energy recovery system is more environmentally friendly; the campaign started by F 1, and provides an opportunity for the driver to support the speed of their cars.

3. Radar gun – Baseball

Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports 2

The radar gun is also a technological innovation in a sport that is quite phenomenal. This tool is a support in baseball sport. A tool capable of recording the ball speed records the result of a player’s punch. For the bat, these radar guns are more often used to test the speed of their blows during the first pitch and measure the swing speed.

Every speed in a throw is then documented and analyzed by the pitcher team and the opposing party. The radar gun also allows the pitcher and his team to analyze the progress of the throw and the speed of the toss that has been done.

4. Multi Faces Timepiece – Basketball

Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports 3

There is a time when the timepiece and scores on basketball are put in the corner of the field; this becomes a problem when the board is not visible because it is covered by the players. Then the timepiece is developed by placing it on the ring.

But this also poses a problem when the player is in a three-pointed shot position, no one can know the time left because the board is facing one direction only. Now, the timepiece used is made in the form of four or five surfaces. So the time left to score can be seen from all directions by players, judges, referees, and spectators.

5. Camera on the Ground – Ice Hockey

Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports 4

The camera above the ice hock field may look ordinary, but its use brings great changes to this sport as this camera can help when there is a doubt to set goals or not into the goal.

Placing the camera just above the goal in a hockey game is meant to see a goal, especially during the final seconds of the game. A crowd of ice hockey players in front of goal can make it difficult for the eyes of the manual to see goals clearly.

This is where the role of the camera is placed just above the goal. Camera watch records can be enlarged and look more specific, so the decision of a goal or can not be more accurate.

6. Photo Finish Line – Athletics and Horse Racing

Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports 5

Photos of the finish line become the mainstay of horse racing, track running, as well as some field sports. The electronic timekeeper does help to determine who is the fastest. Especially when it comes to deciding the winner of two participants with very little distance or distance.

The jury will use the finish line image that can record 3,000 images per second to help determine the winner. This is why in some races or racetracks a few participants are seen together to enter the finish line but only one comes out as the winner.

Technological innovation in this sport continues to evolve and is used in a wide range of competitions such as swimming, short range running, and especially race races that require the accuracy of the image.

7. Television – Golf

Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports 6

Admittedly, if the tube that issues the sound and the image, which you know as television has had a huge effect in the history of the sport. It also has a big effect on golf sport, because television helps golf better known by the public.

Golf is a sport that requires a high concentration, a long time, and more done the upper class. Therefore, when television starts airing golf, this sport becomes better known. At least though still dominated by the upper class, have started popping athletes from the ordinary people in this expensive sports include.

8. Headset – American Football

Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports 7

Headsets are the best technology offered for American Football sports. In professional matches, helmets for attackers, defenders and field coordinators are equipped with speakers directly connected to the headset of the trainer. The coach uses it to communicate, but sometimes slams it up when upset that his team lost the match.

The use of this headset really helps the coach to provide direction for front line players and attackers. Its function is to receive direct directives from the coach and reduce the sounds that can interfere with concentration. Including, arranging team formations and possible opportunities to take value that can not be seen by the defender.

9. Cyclops and Hawk Eye Tracking System – Tennis

Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports 8

These two computer-connected ball monitors have transformed the professional tennis sport more accurately and eliminated arguments in decision-making points. Cyclops is a computerized system that uses six rows of infrared lights that cover up to about a centimeter from the surface of the field.

If the ball falls inside the pitch, a row of lights off the field will automatically go out. If the ball falls off the pitch, there will be a sound out and the game is stopped. While hawk eye or eagle eyes, have a way of work that is somewhat more complicated. This system uses several cameras in several corners of the field that monitor the movement of the ball.

The camera then calculates the ball fall position in 3 dimensional forms and displays it on the screen. So it will look more accurate where the ball position fell on the field.

10. Heart Monitor – Sports Exercise

Top 10 Technological Innovations in Sports 9

This tool has an important role in monitoring and controlling the development of body condition when practicing. Without this tool it will be difficult for an athlete to monitor the development and stability of the heart in their training program.

Some cardiac monitors are used as a reminder alarm of dehydration and malnutrition. This tool is a simple belt that is used in the chest; this mechanism can provide a warning of excessive exercise and become a key factor in all training sessions. This is the reason why heart monitors are the number one technology in the world of sports today.

Technological innovation in sports should not be taboo. But, for some sports it is considered a “destroyer” of human values and beauty in a game. Indeed, whatever technology is used is only to help. All emerging decisions are still dependent on people using the technology, not on a machine.