Health Problems Due to Too Much Time Looking at Computer Screen

Have you ever felt tired eyes due to too much time looking at computer screen? The use of the computer for too long can indeed be bad for the health of our eyes and not impossible we could have Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) i.e. an eye complaint and visions due to working in front of the computer for too long.

Health Problems Due to Too Much Time Looking at Computer Screen 1

But it turns out health disorders due to staring at the computer too long not only have an impact on our vision but, also part of our body to the other. These health problems can happen to anyone and knows no age. Health disorders arising from too much time looking at computer screen include:

1. Back pain

Other health problems that are quite annoying pain in the lower back that also often suffered computer users. This is because we sit still too long in the same position or even looked down toward the monitor.

Bad sitting position will affect the health of our backs, even more severe if accustomed to sitting in a way like that, it could make our body slouch.

To reduce the pain in the back due to too much time looking at computer screen, you can do yoga, Pilates, or sit ups can prevent pain in the back.

2. Neck Pain

Incorrect sitting position indirectly will also affect the position of the neck. Sometimes, while in front of your pc or laptop, we tend to bend her neck. Well, the position of the neck like this is what will cause the neck becomes stiff. We cannot consider paltry this because if left constantly, this can lead to chronic neck pain.

3. Finger Numbness

For those of you who feel you fingers often stiff or numb, this is also one of the negative effects of the use of the laptop. Although the effect is not too bad but, if continuous silenced is not impossible it could cause new diseases appear worse.

4. Disorders of the eye

Disorders of the eye problem indeed become one of public problems that afflict computer users. At the time in front of a computer screen, we tend to be rare for a wink, so as to make the eyes so dry fast.

Well, this dry eye can interfere with eye health and vision decreases the level of our eyes. In addition, our eyes so much nerves taut, so the eyes so tired quickly. The radiation emitted from the monitor screen is also not good for the health of our eyes.

To that end, while working at the computer we try to adjust the brightness level of the screen first computers so as not too bright, or rest your eye you momentarily with frequent blink or by diverting our gaze for a moment on another object.

5. Fine lines on the face

Have you ever noticed when dealing with a computer screen, sometimes we get too serious to frown? Well, it turns out that serious expression can bring out fine lines on the face, especially in the area around the eyes and between the eyebrows. These wrinkles can make our faces look older.

The fix is to use regular eye cream that will moisturize the skin is thin in the area around the eyes. Whereas, in order to reduce wrinkles around the forehead, you can do by way of pinching the middle of the forehead using your index finger and thumb and then, try to pull it up and down.

6. The headache

If you often experience dizziness or headaches when too long in front of a laptop, it could have been caused by fluorescent light that is not able to be seen with the naked eye. Well, the glow from the screen of the software this is what causes the pain in your head.

7. Weight Ride

Believe it or not very long in front of a computer is one of the factors that cause weight gain. According to the experts, those who often sit in front of computers have larger waists and higher cholesterol levels.

For you who were concerned at an increase in the weight of this, one way is with routine exercise can increase your stamina and also helps lower cholesterol.

That’s some health disorders that you can naturally due to too much time looking at computer screen. For it, for you are a hobby or have to work every day in front of a computer is a good idea to use a computer in the right way so as not to cause health problems.