Tips on Choosing the Right Bed Pillow for Babies

Have a newborn or toddler age did make us as parents already granted to protectively while took care of him. Starting from the intake of nutrients coming into the body, care, and not to be forgotten is the comfort of the baby sleep, since sleep is the most important time for the baby, the moment when the growth hormone and infant’s brain develops.

Tips on Choosing the Right Bed Pillow for Babies 1

Many assume that babies do not need to sleep using a pillow, because it will have bad consequences. In fact, this is not necessarily the case if Mother chooses the right and appropriate pillow for the little one. Here are some tips for choosing the right and safe sleeping pillow for babies, including:

1. Choose a Pillow that does not cause allergies in infants

Usually some babies have allergies to certain things, including the sleeping pillow. Therefore, it is very important for us to know what allergies your child might have.

2. make sure the pillow is always in a State of the net

This one thing we certainly shouldn’t miss at all. Just like other baby equipment and equipment, the cleanliness of baby pillows should also not escape our view. Make sure baby pillows are always clean, free of dust and dirt. If necessary, often – often clean the pillow and replace the baby pillowcase regularly.

3. Don’t select a pillow that is too thick

For adults, thick pillows are comfortable and make sleep feel better, but this does not apply to babies. The use of pillows that are too thick has the potential to make your child difficult to breathe, especially if the baby unknowingly sleeps on his stomach.

So baby can sleep with a more comfortable, choose small pillows are thin and flat to the body of a baby. This can also minimize the baby woke up which is usually caused by overheating because the pillow is too thick.

4. Wrap the pillow with a soft Cloth

Now indeed lots of cute pillowcases with the addition of knick knacks as garnish. However, it would be better if we choose pillow case plain without any ornamentation. This is because the decoration can harm your children, for example, hurt her body. Of course we do not want such things to happen isn’t it? To avoid this, select a pillowcase made from soft.

5. Do not use a pillow in case of Wet

Do not let your child use a pillow in a wet or humid state, because it certainly will disturb his comfort. In addition, wet pillows make the pillows easily contaminated by germs. For that, make sure your child’s pillow is always dry.

Those are some things that we must pay attention to when choosing a sleeping pillow for the comfort of the baby. Now you don’t need to be confused anymore about choosing the right and safe sleeping pillow so your little one can sleep comfortably.