Tips Choosing Women’s Underwear That Are Safe For Health

Who would have thought, choosing women’s underwear would have an effect not only in terms of comfort but also health. Women’s panties have many models. However, that does not mean all women underwear is the right choice for you to use everyday. Mistakes in choosing women’s underwear can result in intimate organ health and of course your comfort when using it.


Make sure you choose underwear that is safe for health by following tips on choosing the following women’s underwear:

1. Choose panties that are not too tight

A lot of people who love selecting tight knickers because it could provide a better body shape. Whereas panties that are too tight can be the cause of infection of the urinary system. So, avoid the use of panties that are too tight. Please use the tight panties just for special events or particular purpose, not as a choice of panties everyday.

2. Watch the Material Underwear – Cotton and Silk

The key to choosing good women’s underwear is the right ingredients. The intimate organ should always be dry to minimize the risk of developing bacteria and other parasites. For that, select the right woman underwear with cotton or silk material that is able to absorb moisture well so keep the sex organs stay dry. Especially for you who are very active on the move.

3. Choose Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear is a pair of panties that are minimal stitches or like without stitches at all. Underwear like this pairs include sexy underwear intimate organ because it can minimize the irritation caused by a less tidy stitches.

4. Avoid Underwear Thong

There are some women’s underpants that are made for a specific purpose such as adding to the attraction like a thong model. Though panties like this have a risk to health because underwear like this can spread the bacteria from the anus to your female sexual organs. However, that does not mean you should not wear underwear like this. Use it occasionally for certain events and activities only.

5. Avoid Nylon and Other Synthesis Materials

As discussed earlier, good women’s underwear is able to keep the sex organs dry. For that, avoid panties with nylon, lyrca, or other synthesis materials where heat and moisture become confined and result in increased risk of developing harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites.

5. Select Underwear with Waist High

Do you have a big belly? Choice of high waisted panties can be a recommendation for you. Not only makes the appearance look better, underwear with high waist will reduce the occurrence of irritation between the folds of the stomach that rub against the edge of the panties.

6. Adjust to Activity Needs

Tips to choose the last pair of panties is always select underwear according to your activities. For sports activities where you will be active in high intensity, cotton underwear is more appropriate for you. For a mediocre daily activity, underwear with silk material will be much more comfortable.