Tips and Tricks Movie Marathon Using a Smartphone

For those of you who are confused because the weekend this time had no activities, movie marathon could be one of the most favorite refreshing activities.

Movie Marathon

Not to mention, with the development of technology, now you can also do a movie marathon at anywhere and anytime with the easy and practical to use a Smartphone. Are you curious how easy movie marathon with a Smartphone? Watch the tip and trick:

1. Always Provide Pulses or Internet Quota

Do you feel bother storing data in Smartphone’s movie because of limited memory? Quiet, now you can already conduct movie marathon with the stream. But, to be able to watch the movies for streaming or internet quota pulses make sure you have adequate already.

2. Prepare Snacks to accompany your Favorite

After all gadget devices are ready to start the marathon movie, to perfect it, prepare popcorn or other snacks. If you want to prepare a drink, do not forget to use a drinking bottle to avoid drinks being nudged and soaking your Smartphone.

3. Complete weapons for Movie Marathon

Some Smartphone’s are indeed has provided audio and visual specifications are good enough to play movies. But, of course, you also want to get the best performance when you watch movies instead?

A variety of portable gadget gear you can find as a weapon to maximize performance when movie marathon using a Smartphone. Portable nature makes sure you don’t need to worry because the movie will still be easy and practical.

To maximize the audio, use the Bluetooth speaker. If you are crowded or noisy, place the headphones could be an alternative to the Audio device that you can use.

Furthermore, in terms of visual you can try android TV box to fire a snippet of the film to the screen or wall. So, watch movies on the Smartphone does not feel like using a Smartphone.

4. Keep on Smartphone’s with Power Bank

Sure you don’t want the excitement of movie marathon disrupted because Smartphone have suddenly run out of power. In anticipation of this, always prepare the power of banks to ensure the battery charger or Smartphone is always ready to play all your favorite movies.

However, you may not use the Smartphone continuously without pause. Give your Smartphone to rest 10 to 30 minutes before proceeding to the next movie. Surely you don’t want Smartphone’s so overused, not damaged?

It’s not difficult not to turn a Smartphone into a mini cinema to realize a marathon movie anywhere and anytime? Although practical and can be done anywhere and anytime, you don’t forget time. Especially to make the electricity bill swell. Congratulations on trying the marathon movie with your favorite Smartphone.