Things to Watch Out For When You Decide To Use Softlens

In addition to helping the vision, contact lens or now better known as the softlens also often serve as items to support the appearance. But unfortunately if not used correctly, softlens thus may cause problems for other eyes like irritation, infections even blindness. Therefore, there are some things you should consider when use softlens.

Things to Watch Out For When You Decide To Use Softlens 1

1. Quality of softlens

Do not be tempted with the origin of valuable softlens cheap. Before you buy you softlens, it’s good to find out the quality and see the reviews of people who had previously bought and wore softlens you’d like to buy.

2. Check the condition of the eye

Before deciding to switch from glasses to softlens, it’s good you consult a doctor first. This is because not all people fit using softlens, might just be the eye you are allergic to materials contained on softlens. So in order to minimize the occurrence of allergies, infections and eye damage even further, we recommend that you check the condition of the eye you first.

3. Usage time

As much as possible do not use softlens more than 8 hours due to wearing of softlens in a long time will make eyes feels uncomfortable and it also makes the bacteria thrive.

Don’t forget also to pay attention to the expiration limit usage softlens and replace with a new one if it is past the time period well worth taking. Generally the time limit expired softlens i.e. 6-12 month. In addition, if you start to feel uncomfortable with the softlens you use, immediately unplug the softlens.

4. Keep clean

Before using contact lenses or before removing them, make sure your hands are clean. Wash hands using clean water and anti-germ soap.

Also, make sure you don’t have long nails because long nails can become a nest of germs and can also scratch contact lenses that can cause contact lenses to tear. Once released, do not forget to clean and soak soflens using special water softlens.

5. Avoid dusty places

As much as possible avoid dusty places because the dust can stick in the softlens that ultimately lead to irritation of the eye ball. If forced to be in the dusty, use protective eyewear as usual (not minus/plus/cylinder), or clean the softlens after exposed to dust.

6. Remove the softlens before bed and swim

Softlens used a day could become a hotbed for germs and viruses that can damage the eye. Therefore, do not forget to remove the softlens before you sleep, shower and also swimming.

The water in the pool contains substances chemicals and parasites that can cause irritation, infections to blindness. In addition, you simply use the softlens while being outdoors. When at home, should you take off the softlens and switch to glasses.

7. Bring utensils softlens while traveling

For those of you who like to travel and move outside the home, make it a habit to bring contact lens equipment such as eye drops fluids and contact lenses. So if you feel uncomfortable with the softlens used, you can release them at any time. Don’t forget to bring your glasses too, so that when you remove the contact lens, you can use glasses to help your vision.