These Are Foods That Can Make You Sleep Better

Do you have problems with insomnia? If you can’t sleep better at night, then in the afternoon you will become so sleepy that you become less productive. There are various ways you can do to overcome sleeplessness, one of which is to eat foods that can make you sleepy.

These Are Foods That Can Make You Sleep Better 1

Given the importance of sleep 7-8 hours per day, then you need the effort so that the benefits of sleep you can feel with a maximum. It doesn’t hurt you snacking before bedtime so that you may easily fell asleep at night and waking up in a fresh State of the shape. Well, foods that can make you sleepy and easy to fall asleep, among others:

1. Cherry

Drinking a glass of cherry juice before bed is also very easy to help you sleep better at night. Compared to other foods, cherry is one source that can trigger the high production of melatonin which is good for insomniacs. Drinking a glass of cherry juice or eat fresh or dried cherry fruit can be used as a selection of healthy foods before going to bed.

2. Banana

This fruit is very suitable for snacks before bed. The content of magnesium and potassium helps relax tense muscles. In addition, the hormone serotonin and melatonin which function to calm the brain can be produced more by tryptophan owned by bananas.

If you are tired of eating bananas, you can try creating a banana smoothie mixed with soy milk. Drinking this before going to bed is guaranteed to make you sleep better.

3. Oatmeal

Some of you certainly love sharing breakfast oatmeal before starting the activity. Well, Oatmeal can also serve as food lullabies. Oatmeal is rich in melatonin that can easily make you sleepy at night.

However, to keep in mind is to notice the sugar levels due to too much sugar will make you feel calm. We recommend that you add other foods like bananas that can also help you sleepy.

4. Almond

For you who like snacking-light snacking while watching television before going to bed, try almonds. These almonds are rich in magnesium so it fits in well to create a better quality of sleep. Other benefits that you can get are due to protein will help keep the sugar levels in the blood.

5. Rice

If you don’t like oatmeal, then you can eat a small plate of rice. Compared to bread and noodles, rice is far better to help you sleep. High glycemic levels in rice can stimulate the production of melatonin and tryptophan. Don’t forget, the side dishes also make sure that it can help you easily sleep like mustard, tuna, boiled eggs, or shrimp.

6. Dairy Products

Dairy products in the form of milk, cheese and yogurt can you consume to get more good quality of sleep. Type of food it contains tryptophan which makes you relax as well as calcium in it can reduce stress. In addition to can make you sleep better, dairy products can also help relieve stress.

Now you don’t need to be afraid of can’t sleep again at night. With food-food, guaranteed you so easy to sleep and sleep better. Any morning you wake up feeling happy and a body full of energy.