The Many Benefits of Onion That Is Unexpected For the Body

Red Onion is one of the herbs that became a staple in the cuisine. In addition to providing a taste of delicious food, it turns out the onion can also bring unexpected benefits for health.


Red Onion is proven to bring much good to the body, ranging from heart healthy, lose weight, to prevent cancer. For more details, refer to the information for the health benefits of red onions:

1. Overcoming Constipation

Never had constipation? The Onion is the spice is right to address this issue. The content contained in the onion can help the process of disposal of toxins by the body, so that digestion is going more smoothly.

2. Addressing the inflammation of the Throat

Sore throat is a disease that often occurs due to an infection or inflammation of the throat. If at any time you experience a sore throat, try to eat onion. The content of quercetin in onions is believed to reduce inflammation.

3. Improve the immune system

The immune system is very needed by the body to fight germs, viruses or bacteria that enter the body from the outside. The content of selenium in red onions believed to boost the immune system in the body, so that we can be spared from the disease.

4. Healthy Heart

The benefits of red onions very important i.e. can nourish the heart. Methyl Allyl sulfide content and sulfur amino acid that is in onions can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. In addition, the onion may also control your high blood pressure as well as opening blocked arteries.

5. Lose weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, maybe you can add onions to your diet. Chromium content contained in the onion can help you lose weight. To get the benefits, regularly consume 3-4 cloves of onion every day.

6. Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the deadly diseases that can lead to death. Onions can help you to avoid these dangerous diseases. Shallots can prevent the occurrence of cancer, because there is content of sulfur in the onion. Active compounds in onion can inhibit cancer cells in the body.

7. Sharpen Eyesight

In addition to the carrots, red onions are also good for the eyes. Sulphur content in onion can be either a protein stimulates the production of glutathione which has antioxidants. In addition, the content of vitamin E on the onion is also very good for our eyes.

8. Improving sleep quality

The benefits of red onion for the next body can improve the quality of sleep you at night. The reason, the content of probiotic in the onion can reduce stress, so you can sleep better and quality. As a result, you will be more in the spirit of the activity.

9. Maintain bone health

The bone is one of the most important things in the body that is in charge to shore up our body. To take care of her, in addition to consuming food and beverages rich in calcium such as milk, eat the onion turns to trusted can prevent osteoporosis, as well as to maintain bone mass.

10. Lower the blood sugar levels

In addition to preventing cancer, the onion may also help you avoid diabetes. If you have high blood sugar levels, maybe you should try to eat the onion on a regular basis. The reason, sulphur content on trusted onion can lower blood sugar levels.