The Many Benefits of Drinking Water for Your Health

Drinking water is well-known as one of the habits that are very beneficial for our body’s health, especially if you do it regularly and according to your needs. Let’s learn more about the benefits of drinking water every day.

The Many Benefits of Drinking Water for Your Health 1

Before digging deeper into the benefits of drinking water, it’s good to know you first need water daily. The difference in the proportions of the body and also the activity certainly makes white water consumption needs of everyone is different. Here’s a simple formula to calculate the white man needs a drink of water, namely: KG weight X 30 ML water white

So, if you have weight 55 KG, i.e. the need to drink plain water you are 1650 ML or about 1.65 liters per day. The formula is per kilogram body weight multiplied by 30 ml, the result is the number of cm3 of water needed. If it comes to less than those needs, you could be dehydrated that result in a decrease in the resistance of the body.

The benefits of drinking water are:

1. Eliminate toxins

Pretty white water consumption will help the process of expenses a toxin in the body, either through urine or sweat. So, always squeeze yourself to drink plain water before beginning the daily activities.

2. Good for body metabolism

Eating water on an empty stomach will help increase metabolism in the body by up to 24%. With the increase in the metabolic system, of course the digestive system will work better, including also in absorbing nutrients from the food you consume.

3. Maintain kidney function

Every day the kidneys process no less than 200 liters of blood. The kidneys filter out waste and transport urine to the bladder. Eating drinks that have flavorings and coloring will certainly aggravate the work of the kidneys. For that, start consuming water to protect the kidneys and help the kidneys clean the toxins that are in the body.

4. Maintain concentration

Are you hard focus or lack of concentration? Maybe you are a shortage of drinking water. The need to drink plain water the less will interfere with work and brain function so it will make you harder to focus and concentrate. So, if you’ve started hard-focus, white might be a glass of water could be the solution.

5. Good for diet

Therefore, metabolism and digestive systems more smoothly, of course all the food so it could be digested faster which means you don’t have to worry if the fat and cholesterol so it accumulates in the body.

In addition, drinking enough water will make you feel full so that excess eating habits can also be reduced. The habit of drinking plain water is one stratagem right diet to help you.

6. Regulate body temperature

Our body temperature is affected by several factors. Such as during sports or conditioned scorching weather, the body becomes hotter. Drinking enough water will help the body temperature to become more stable.

7. To prevent bad breath

One of the symptoms of lack of body fluids is the bad breath that does not. Drinking plain water will cleanse the mouth of bacteria and regulate the humidity of the oral cavity. So, drink plain water to taste so that you are not affected by the problem of bad breath that does not.

8. Keep your skin’s health and beauty

A shortage of body fluids can cause premature aging and skin wrinkled more quickly. A pretty white water consumption will also help launch a circulation so that the skin so more fresh and glowing. Drinking water will help you to keep your beauty skin.

9. Good for hair growth

Is your hair dry and often fall out? Maybe this is because you don’t drink enough water. In fact, water forms almost a quarter of the weight of a hair strand. This means that the less water intake, the hair will be more fragile and thinner strands.

10. Keep your stamina and energy

All cells of the body including the brain require water in order to work optimally. Lack of body fluids will make you so tired and feel faster is not energized.

11. More sleep Aids sleep

Are you having problems insomnia? Try to adjust the pattern of drinking plain water. Consuming warm water after dinner and before going to bed will make the nerves become more relaxed so that makes you avoid the disruption of normal sleep patterns.

12. Relieve Stress

Believe do not believe, drinking water can help your stress problem. First, the warm water will help the nerves become more relaxed. Water will also keep the blood cell production smoothly so that you do not easily headache.

13. Launch digestion

As discussed earlier, the metabolism will be smoother if you use water as needed. The digestive system that is getting smoother will also prevent you from various digestive problems ranging from constipation to other digestive problems.

14. Add blood

To produce the blood, the body requires sufficient fluids. By consuming the white water, work the body in producing blood would be it helpful. Lest ye so lack of blood cells that will result in a body that is so much faster, dizziness, weakness and even anemia.

15. Pain Relief

For the women who often feel pain due to menstrual cramps, drinking warm water will help alleviate the pain. Drinking water that has a warm temperature will help loosen the muscles of the stomach and also effectively increase the circulation of capillaries which leads to a decreased pain when menstruation.

16. Improve immune

Drinking plain water, especially when an empty stomach will help balance the limfakit system which causes increased immunity or durability of your body. That way, the body will be more susceptible to various diseases.

It turns out that there are so many benefits of drinking water against the health of your body. Come on now to be more diligent in drinking water and reduce the consumption of drinks also contain substances that are less healthy such as sweeteners, colorings, preservatives.