The Ethics of Visiting a Newborn in Order Not to Interfere

When your family or friends have just given birth, you want to immediately visit and see the tiny baby directly. Wait a minute, lest your visit is not a joy, but even troublesome. Let’s see the signs.


Being a new mom is a joyous thing, but sometimes it can be a very exhausting period. Adjusting to a new baby along with everyday life is not easy. The majority of new mothers who give birth to a new sleep towards morning, while at the same time still need to work on homework.

Things that need to be prepared and cared for

Before you rush down to visit new mothers give birth and her baby, we recommend you pay attention to the ethics of visiting a newborn, as follows:

1. Ask the right time

Maybe you think that home office hours or weekend is a good time to visit the newborn. But, it could be not so for mother and baby to you visit. Before visiting, you should ask first, when is the right time to come. Don’t let mom take care of babies, the hassles were to sudden arrival without notice in advance.

2. Help new mothers give birth

Perhaps this sounds odd, because usually the host serving the guests. But, since the new mom gave birth to definitely feel fatigue, especially if he takes care of the baby alone, ask what can you help or you provide. You can help take care of the home, such as washing the dirty dishes or sweeping. Of course you can do if your relationship is pretty close.

3. Do not carelessly touch baby

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4. Be careful when carrying a baby

When holding a newborn baby, make sure the neck and head are well supported. Also, make sure you do not shake her body, even if it’s just a play or just want to wake her up. Shaking a newborn can lead to brain hemorrhage, even death.

5. Avoid kissing baby

Avoid kissing the newborn immune system because his body has not been strong and have yet to obtain full vaccination, so easily infected. Influenza, and other diseases of the respiratory tract infections may be natural, you can pass diseases that harm the baby.