The Easy Way to Use DSLR Cameras for Beginners

Do you have a photography hobby or just want to try devoted to it? One of the cameras most often used by professional photographers is the camera digital single-lens reflex (DSLR), as a result the picture sharper and alive. The completeness of the features and technologies offered by DSLR camera makes it a favorite of fans of photography.

DSLR Cameras

However, sometimes the photographer beginner takes time to adapt to the DSLR cameras, because it’s considered to be complicated. However, when already mastered the technique of essence, DSLR camera usage is actually not as hard as you think.

In the article this time, we will give you the tips wear DSLR camera for you who want to be more serious with photography. The following are the steps and how to use DSLR camera that you can practice:

1. Identify the functions of the buttons on a DSLR

For the first time you use a DSLR camera, you will definitely be a little confusion with the number keys. Learn in advance what each camera button you by reading guidebooks are available, or you can use the application Canon Photo Companion on the Smartphone you to practice operating the buttons on a DSLR.

2. Understand the concept of a triangle of exposure

Before starting to take pictures, it’s good you learn the triangle of exposure or lighting. The triangle of exposure is three features of the DSLR camera consisting of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. By using the concept of a triangle of exposure in photography, you can create a photo with a balanced focus and lighting.

3. Select the appropriate Lens

The use of DSLR cameras must be supported by the selection of the right camera lens. Know in advance the function of each lens so you can choose the lens that best suits your needs.

4. Set the Photo Composition

To produce photos with objects and background synch settings, learn the most basic photo compositions in the world of photography, namely the rule of thirds. With this technique, you can divide the composition of the frame into three equal parts great. The goal is to balance the composition of the object of the photo with the background.

5. Optimize the use of the Viewfinder

Viewfinder is a small glass slits at the back of the camera used to snap the object. Although many DSLR cameras already presents the latest exodus features the LCD screen to see the object, use the viewfinder allows you to capture objects more clearly, accurately, and you can hold the camera body with a more stable.

6. Don’t be afraid to experiment

Remember the quote “practice makes perfect”? This also applies for you learn to operate a new DSLR camera. Expand the practice of photographing any object that is in the round, using a variety of techniques and settings modes of photography that you have learned. See how the number of images that you get by taking the same object, but with different settings.

7. Reduce the use of Flash

Although it may seem the use of flash will greatly assist you in capturing light, but is actually a natural lighting is the best source for high quality photos. By studying the right lighting techniques, you don’t even need to use too much flash when photographing at night.

8. The operation of Camera the right way

After studying various types of arrangements and the concept of DSLR cameras, provide care on a DSLR camera you are no less important. The camera is one of the most vulnerable device dust and dirt, so this may affect the quality of the photograph.

To prevent the camera exposed to dust and dirt, store the camera in the camera bag with silica gel as well as put in place to avoid dust, damp conditions, and weather extremes. Its good clean also the camera lens used with each completed lap.

That’s some tips using DSLR cameras for beginners. By understanding the ways above, you will better recognize how to use DSLR camera with precise and produces images of remarkable.

For those of you who are interested in photography but have not got a camera, now you can find a variety of DSLR cameras to suit your needs, and at an attractive price.