The Easy Way to Get a No-Makeup Makeup Look

Many people are often fooled by a minimalist face. Because they look as if they are not wearing makeup, they are often praised as ‘natural beauty’ and what they are. Even if you pay close attention, women who are referred to as ‘beautiful natural’ are actually applying concealer, BB cream, filling eyebrows with eyebrow powder, wearing mascara, and even a highlighter. This is what is called ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look.

The Easy Way to Get a No-Makeup Makeup Look 1

Tips and apply the No Makeup Look:

1. Corrector

When you are finished with the routine skincare in the morning and put on makeup primer, the first step to get the no-makeup makeup look is to cover any shortfall on the face, hyper pigmentation and acne scars. This can be ‘ corrected ‘ with the color corrector.

For dark acne scars, apply the orange color corrector. For a reddish face, cover it with a green color corrector. This step is useful for making your face color look even when it is ‘overwritten’ with foundation.

2. BB Cream

Although the title appear ‘ natural ‘, no makeup look remains impossible without wearing the BB Cream. Avoid wearing foundation with medium or full coverage. Wear anything light, an important color your face looks uneven. When BB Cream still feels heavy, you could use a CC DD Cream, Cream, or tinted moisturizer.

3. Concealer

No makeup look should make the owner’s face look fresh, cheerful, and ‘normal’ even though it looks as if he isn’t wearing makeup. Therefore, cover your thick and dark eye bag with a light concealer. You can also put a little concealer on the tip of your nose, chin, and the curve between your lips and nose as a highlight. Avoid using heavy concealer like Tarte Shape Tape.

3. Powder

If the type is a combination or to avoid greasy, still use a loose powder for adopting sets of Foundation and concealer last. No need to bake-in, simply DAB with a powder brush to keep the oil did not appear. Use a circular motion for more natural results.

4. Blush

Because the desired appearance is a light look, skip the contouring or bronzing step to achieve the no makeup look. Directly use blush with warm colors like coral, peach, or light pink. Some places to blush to get a fresh, sweet look are at the apple of the cheek and the nasal bones.

5. Eyebrows

For eyebrows, simply wear an eyebrow powder or auto pencil to make fine lines following the direction of the growth of eyebrow hair. If your eyebrows are not shaped at all, start by making a pattern, then fill with eyebrow powder. After that, use a wet spoolie that has been put on bar soap to make the eyebrows look bushier.

6. Eye shadow

The keys of no makeup makeup look were the look as if not wearing makeup. Therefore, in the eyes, just wear a little bit of concealer to flatten the color of the petals, then DAB the colored eye shadow subtle to taste. Wear eye shadow palette with warm earthy tones-. Choose colors that are not striking like a peach or pink brownish at the petals and chocolate milk for the outer corner or crease.

7. Lipstick

Lipstick doesn’t have to overdo it. Waste away the desire to wear bold colors or neon. You can use lip tint to establish gradations on the lips, or use liquid lipstick colors MLBB (my lips but better) Mac-like Velvet Teddy or BLP Ginger Bread.

8. Highlighter

No makeup makeup looks to wear highlighter? Why not? Select a suitable subtle highlighter for everyday like Essence Nude Highlighter or Wet n Wild Precious Petals.

DAB to taste at the end of the nose, cheekbones, and inner corner. Results for the glow no makeup look your best, you can use liquid illuminator or highlighter liquid on the face before wearing Foundation. Your face will be more luminous.

That’s the tips and tricks to get a beautiful look of ‘natural’ ala no makeup look. In fact, the step of getting this makeup style is almost the same as ordinary makeup, except that the intensity of the color or pigmentation is reduced. There are three things that are not included, namely baking, contouring, and bronzing. No makeup look is perfect for everyday look, whether for college, office, or hangout.