The Causes and How to Fix the Red Eye Quickly

You certainly have experienced the condition in which the eyes you blush and feel sore or itchy. In fact what causes red eyes? The eyes become red can occur when blood vessels dilated on the white part of the membrane or sclera in the eye.

Red Eye

The cause of the inflammation of the eyes to blush, among others, is a bacterial infection, dirt, viruses, and so on. Red eye may occur on both eyeballs followed by pain, itching, decreased vision in the eye, and swelling of the glands of the eye. However, in certain cases of red eyes do not cause symptoms or any irritation.

Red eye disease can arise at anytime or slowly as the nervous eyes on the response form of allergy or injury to the eyes. Not all the reasons the incidence of red eyes indicate a serious disease.

There are various causes of red eye and how to overcome any red eyes adapted to the cause. Following the various causes of red eye and how to handle you should do if the experience was labeled a here.

1. Dry Eye

This syndrome occurs when the tear glands do not produce enough water to lubricate and refresh the eye. Chronic dry eyes can cause the surface of the eyes to become inflamed and irritated and can cause red eyes.

To cope with dry eyes, you can use clean water to wet your eyes regularly. In addition, it is recommended to use eye drops that are guaranteed sterility.

2. Allergic reaction

Changing eye redness also can be caused due to an allergy. Red eyes tend to be regarded as a form of allergy due to the body’s reaction to foreign substances is considered harmful.

If you are allergic to red eye, the way to solve it is by taking a drug allergy. Avoid also trigger allergies such as dust and smoke by wearing glasses when in open space.

3. Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis is an eye infection that is most commonly found in children. Conjunctivas happens because transparently membrane covering part sclera and lines on the eyelids stricken with the infection.

If you have this condition, the fix is to use antibiotic eye drops drugs in order to kill bacterial infections. In General, conjunctivitis does not need intensive care and will soon disappear by itself.

4. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

In the digital age like today, everyone spent a dozen to tens of hours in front of the monitor screen each day. The eye will experience fatigue and heat, as well as more rarely blinks so it makes eyes flushed. This condition is called Computer Vision Syndrome.

To cope with the CVS, you should rest and not stare at the monitor or television screen for a few moments. It is advisable to sleep and wear glasses when therapy will have activity with the computer.

5. Contact lenses

One of the most common causes of red eye is the use of contact lenses that are redundant and not sterile, so the surface of the eye is experiencing irritation. Red eyes when using contact lenses can be a symptom of serious infections such as yeast infections or eye keratitis.

To cope with the red eyes due to contact lenses, you can moisten the eye with eye drops so that the liquid does not dry out sclera while wearing contact lenses. Do not use contact lenses for too long to be brought to bed.

Now you already know the various causes and how to fix red eye. Now you don’t have to worry and panic if experiencing this condition at any time. To help you recover the eye condition red, you can also rely on the medicine drops to the eyes.