The Benefits of Java Tea Plant to Overcome Health Problems

Some of you may be familiar with Java tea plants, but some are still confused with Cat whiskers, especially their properties. Java Tea/ Kidney Tea Plant/ Cat whiskers which have the Latin name Orthosiphon aristatus are included in plants from the family Lamiaceae or Labiatae.

Java Tea Plant

The benefits of Java tea for treating various diseases make this plant a lot of trees as natural herbal medicines. Java tea plant is flourishing in Indonesia to mainland China and some areas of Australia.

Then, what are the benefits of Java tea for your health? Check out the benefits of Cat’s whiskers is very wonderful:

1. Cure respiratory problems

The first Cat whiskers benefit intended for the sufferers of respiratory problems such as asthma. Respiratory medicine often blended with herbs like Java tea plants, shown to be effective in addressing the problems of the respiratory tract.

2. Assist detoxification

The next Java tea benefits are that it helps the process of detoxification of the body. Java tea is a herbal beverage that is utilized to help clear toxins and germs from the body. The herbal drinks made from plants Cat whiskers combined with various other herbs.

3. Relieve cough

A disease that attacks the throat and respiratory tract such as coughs can be overcome with the Cat whiskers because of this plant contain anti-bacterial substance so that it can help kill germs in throat and acts as a natural cough remedy.

4. Lower high blood pressure

The content of Cat whiskers chemicals can help reduce high blood pressure. It is said that it is believed that antioxidants and anti-inflammation found in Cat whiskers are beneficial for the health of parents, especially those with high blood pressure. Methylripariochromene chemicals can reduce systolic blood pressure in mice.

5. Cure kidney failure

One of the benefits of Java tea plant famous in Indonesia it is his ability to heal diseases creepy disease called renal failure. A variety of herbs and herbal remedies made from plants Cat whiskers are also already available in herbal medicine. Herbal remedies from natural Cat whiskers are believed able to treat renal failure effectively.

6. Anti fungal

There are Cat whiskers on the plant antifungal compound may help prevent the development of parasites and other foreign substances in the body. The benefits of Java tea this one can be felt by even the yeast infection sufferer is already experiencing inflammation.

Antifungal compounds from Cat whiskers cut off the supply of nutrients to the fungi so that they are not able to breed.

7. Control blood sugar levels

Diabetes is caused by excess blood sugar levels in the body and it turns out that plants benefit Cat whiskers can also be perceived by diabetics because scientifically proven able to control blood sugar levels in the human body.

It turns out the usefulness of plants Cat whiskers for health quite a lot too. Benefits of Java tea plants can you feel without the need to plant and cultivate yourself because now there are a lot of herbal medicine products Cat whiskers available in herbal medicine.