Symptoms of Heart Disease Should Not Be Considered Trivial

When hearing the words of heart disease, you definitely think that direct is very severe as had a heart attack. The fact is that heart attacks and heart disease are two different things.

Symptoms of Heart

However, still the two diseases cannot be considered trivial at all. Heart disease occurs when our important organs cannot pump blood to all parts of the body. Then what are the signs? Pay attention to the following symptoms of heart disease that you must know in order to be able to do the first treatment appropriately.

Feel the pain in the chest

Ever feel the pain in the chest? One of the symptoms of heart disease which is very easy to be felt is a pain in the chest. But do not panic and think that it would have a heart attack. Immediately see a doctor to be sure.

Easily Tired

One of the symptoms of heart disease which is easily perceived is easily tired. You may initially think that you just break it, but if you are experiencing extreme fatigue then try to check with you to the doctor to be detected as early as possible.

Experience dizziness and Fainting

As already mentioned earlier, heart disease causes abnormal functioning of the heart that causes the inability of the heart to pump blood throughout the body. One of the symptoms of heart disease is experiencing dizziness and fainting. This is because of a lack of oxygen supply to the body.

Cold Sweat

Maybe you have heard that cold sweat is one of the symptoms of heart disease. It is true it is. Thus, if at any time it shall issue a cold sweat or this happens often enough, you should immediately see a doctor.

Sleep Disorders

Do you have trouble sleeping? Don’t underestimate it. The reason is, having a sleep disorder is one of the symptoms of heart disease. This is based on a survey in which 50 percent of women experience sleeps problems before they are exposed to the disease which is one of the number one killer diseases.

Frequent Nausea and appetite is impaired

One of the symptoms of heart disease can be seen physically is swelling of the stomach that causes impaired appetite and inclined to nausea. The swelling can also raise our weight even though appetite diminishes.

Heart Rate Is Not Stable

Have you ever experienced an unstable heartbeat? Immediately go to the hospital immediately. Unstable heart rate can lead to various diseases including symptoms of heart disease. If not treated immediately, the sufferer can have a stroke or heart attack.

Feel Shortness of Breath

Symptoms of heart disease, this one are almost the same as pain in the chest. Shortness of breath occurs because the air inside the cavity of the lungs of fluid entry. Shortness of breath is also always a symptom before a patient convicted exposed heart disease by doctors.

Experienced a Bloody Cough

If you are over this healthy and then all of a sudden you are experiencing bloody coughs, then it could be that you are experiencing symptoms of heart disease. Bloody coughs caused by accumulation of fluid on the lungs. Blood clogging the inside, it will eventually come out of the body when you experience coughing.

Swelling in Some parts of the body

Swelling in some part of the body is one of the symptoms of heart disease. This is because the buildup of fluid in the body. The fluid buildup will have an impact on parts of the body such as the feet, ankles or abdomen.

That’s what the symptoms of heart disease should not be considered trivial. Let’s keep and more concerned about your welfare. One way is by eating healthy foods like granola, oatmeal and fresh vegetables.