A Simple and Natural Way to Overcome Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is indeed very annoying, making breathing difficult sufferers so that daily activities become interrupted. Moreover, at a time when the night comes and it’s time to sleep, the sleep position should always be changed to the right and left to make your quality of sleep so soundly and uncomfortable. Then how to cope with it all?

Nasal Congestion

How nasal congestion can occur? Nasal congestion occurs due to swelling of the blood vessels and tissues around the nose caused by the presence of excess fluids, such as mucus discharge. Rather than a stuffy nose is left constantly, come soon overcome by the way below.

1. Drink warm water

Drinking hot water can relieve nasal congestion, inflamed membranes become calmer, and with this you can prevent dehydration. A warm drink that you can try is a herbal tea and don’t forget add one spoon of honey so that drank the more effective cure for nasal congestion.

2. The Diligent Waste Snot

Prevent the buildup of mucus diligently dump it, this important done regularly so that your nose is not clogged. But don’t be too push too hard because it will be fatal and can carry germs up to his ear. Best way i.e., cover your nose with your finger in one hole and then thrust with slowly, until the snot out of the other hole.

3. Wash Nose with salt water

With the nasal wash using salt water can help remove viruses and bacteria in the nose. Living alone made salt solutions, how to prepare three teaspoons of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda, mix and stir well.

Then make a solution of the mixture of ingredients, take a teaspoon of powder mixed salt and baking soda that was made then add 250 ml of warm water. Fill the solution into the neti pot. After that, tilt your head and lean against the sink. Pour the solution into one of the nostrils and let it flow out through the other nostril. During this process, breathe through the mouth.

4. Inhale Warm Steam

Prepare a pot, put water and then cook until boiling. Lift and then breathe the steam slowly while still warm. However, it needs to be done carefully, don’t get too close to the water because it can make your nose blisters. Warm water vapor also you can enjoy while bathing with warm water. It not only relieves nasal congestion, but also makes you so much more relaxed.

5. Drink plenty of Water

Drinking lots of water can help dilute mucus that’s been piling up too much; it can also be done to prevent the sinus congestion. Not only is the mucus becomes diluted, but the throat also become moist.

6. Use Extra Pillows

Sleeping when the nose is blocked is very disturbing and makes sleep uncomfortable and sound. You can try this method to make your sleep more comfortable, by adding extra pillows. Sleeping with two pillows under your head can help your nasal congestion become more relieved, so that sleep becomes more frequent.

Well, that’s a number of ways to deal with stuffy nose that you can do when the nasal congestion has felt bad. Do the above method on a regular basis so you will get a more relieved nose, activating in the morning and getting a better night’s sleep.