Side Effects That May Be Experienced After Appendicitis Surgery

Appendicitis is a condition in which the occurrence of inflammation or swelling of the appendix in our stomach. Most people choose the action as a way to heal him. However, when performing a surgery, there are side effects that can arise. Is it appendicitis surgery dangerous?

Appendicitis Surgery

Appendicitis surgery side effect will definitely occur in all patients. However, the side effects that arise can be different, depending on each person’s immune from suffering from this condition. The following are some of the side effects that can arise from the operation of appendicitis that needs you know:


Surely one of the side effects the operation of appendicitis is an infection. Such operations in General, the infection is also a risk that may occur. When an infection occurs, then that is cause for concern is the presence of signs such as the emergence of pus. If this happens, make sure you directly back to the doctor to get over it.


After the operation of appendicitis, you will most likely experience a fever. This is due to the occurrence of an infection in the body, and this indeed is common in most of the cases of infection. However, the possibility of the fever also occurs due to pain or pain in a part of the surgery.


After performing the operations of appendicitis, you may also experience swelling. It may occur at the time of operation of appendectomy incision scars, which have not recovered could lead to swelling.


Side effects that you may experience after subsequent appendicitis is bleeding. If bleeding occurs, you should immediately return to the doctor to be treated quickly. However, if the operation process goes well and is completed perfectly, the patient should not experience this.

Kidney Disorders

Kidney failure is one of the harms that can occur due to the operation of appendectomy. Kidney function can be broken so that the workings of the kidneys no longer maximum as before.


Sepsis is one of the conditions that can invade the blood and other organs in the body. Many people equate between sepsis and septicemia, but both are very different. If sepsis occurs in patients already it will be very effect on the kidneys and the heart because the blood supply is stopped on the important organs in the body that require a blood supply.

The smell is not Savory in Stitches

There is likely to be out of fluid smelling foul from the former stitches after surgery appendectomy. Sometimes the fluid discharge is accompanied by mild fever; the chances of these conditions indicate the onset of infection.

Inflammatory Disease of Brain Membranes

In addition to organs within the body, post-operative appendicitis, inflammatory disease of brain membranes may be experienced by the patient. This condition is a result of the spread of infection. To prevent this, you can use the antibiotic drugs. However, it is still recommended to conduct an examination into the doctor.

That’s some side effects that may be experienced after an appendicitis operation. The bad impact of the above likely will only occur if the operation or handling of the given less. If you experience any of the side effects of the above, make sure you immediately to a doctor to sort it out. However, as much as possible the condition is never a natural way you always keep your health-consume healthy food and drinks.