Recognize the Symptoms of Gout, Prevention and Treatment

Disease of gout is often marked with great pain in the feet. Symptoms of gout are often unbearable to result in a sense of heat in the joints.


Organs, most often stricken with is part of the joints of hands, ankles, toes, knees, and also because much of the excess uric acid builds up in the body.

In General, gout attack at adulthood, but women are more prone to be exposed to this disease that usually occurs after menopause. The pain that arises due to uric acid 4-10 can last for days. The swelling will occur at the joints with the condition of the skin color blush. At this stage, the sufferer will be hard to move.

Not a few people are often mistaken about uric acid disease associated with rheumatism. Even though arthritis is a general overview of pain in joints that is experiencing inflammation, while uric acid is just one of the causes of pain that happens. By recognizing the symptoms of gout pain in you can distinguish the joint pain caused by other conditions.

The symptoms of the disease of gout include:

1. The surface of the skin which turns flushed

There is red on the joints of the foot; while feeling the pain in the joints of the foot, usually followed by a sense of heat to make the skin becomes visibly red. The swelling will happen and make you hard to walk.

2. Joint aches in the morning and Evening

The main symptoms of gout is a rheumatic pain, swelling and joint pain that is felt when the evening leading up to sleep and wake up in the morning.

3. The joint hard and hard to Move; If not immediately treated joints will be noticeably louder and increasingly rigid. It could even lead to numbness and paralysis.

The cause of gout is that uric acid is collected and is able to form sharp crystals in the joints, that’s the reason the pain appears in the joints. Foods such as seafood, red meat, innards can be triggers for gout because they have high levels of uric acid. In addition, alcoholic beverages can also be one of the triggers.

How to Prevent Gout

1. Expand the drinking water white

White water is the beverage most salubrious and very good for the body. It is highly recommended to drink mineral water 1-1.5 liter or at least 12 glasses a day. White water is a natural neutralizer can cleanse your digestion. With white water uric acid which is a result of the metabolism of wasted water discharge with opt in, so that you can avoid disease gout.

2. Create a High Consumption of antioxidants

Consumption of fruit per day can help lower high levels of uric acid in the body. Apples, kiwi, strawberry, cherry, and bananas have proven anti-inflammatory substances capable of lowering uric acid substances in the body.

3. Avoid foods that have high purin substances

Purines are natural compounds found in cells in the body and outside the body. Outside the body, purines usually come from food. Well, uric acid is a metabolism of purines. If the level of purine in the body is high, then uric acid also increases. Some examples of foods that contain high purine substances are seafood, brains and kidney kidneys, innards, and others.

4. The Diligent Exercise

Diligent exercise can also prevent increased levels of uric acid in the body, make it a habit of sports every day, just a few minutes of origin is carried out on a regular basis can make the body avoid various kinds of diseases.

Handling Of Uric Acid Disease

To handle uric acid disease there are two way, that is to alleviate the symptoms of pain and prevent acid pain happen again. To relieve the symptoms of the disease gout you can use ice and paste it on the painful joints. You can also consume drugs pain reliever, such as anti-inflammatory drugs (OAINS), colchicines, a drug and the other steroid.

Whereas in order to prevent relapse, gout medication allopurinol consumption soon to lower the levels of uric acid in the body. Lastly, avoid foods with substances that can become high purin trigger disease gout.

That’s some symptoms, prevention, as well as how to handle disease gout. When you feel symptoms like the ones mentioned above, immediately do treatment.