Recognize the Symptoms of Gastritis and How to Treat It

In General, better known as heartburn disease resulting from irregular eating patterns and is often overlooked because it is considered the usual pain. Whereas the perceived symptoms from heartburn can be serious because of the possibility there is a connection with the heart condition sufferers.


Symptoms of heartburn are characterized by the emergence of pain in the stomach and intestines. If not immediately treated, the disease could spread to the esophagus and become more severe. To prevent and anticipate the heartburn, it’s good we know more of the symptoms and how to treat heartburn:

1. Nausea

Nausea is a common feature of heartburn sufferers who are already quite severe. Wounds that appear on the stomach wall due to erosion of the stomach wall is the cause, or called gastric ulcer. Many heartburn sufferers who feel nauseous have ulcers on their stomach.

2. Heartburn

The first symptoms of heartburn when perceived in General is the emergence of a sense of pain in the abdomen or stomach sometimes can be felt to the back and neck, the characteristics of this heartburn occurs when the sufferer is finished eating.

Foods that must be avoided by heartburn sufferers include oily foods, spicy foods, caffeinated drinks such as coffee, and others. But if stomach ulcers are already severe, any type of food will cause pain right away.

3. The stomach feels the heat

The next symptom is a burning sensation in the upper abdomen. These symptoms are usually the hallmark of heartburn. Heat arises when there is a wound in the inner wall of the stomach due to rubbing against food that has been eaten. The duration of heat in the stomach will be felt around two to three hours after eating. Also be aware of any rising stomach acid levels, because these symptoms can be acidic signs of your stomach rising.

4. Bloating

Mild symptoms of heartburn appear with the lack of appetite due to the condition of the stomach feels awful. Heartburn sufferers will experience bloating in the stomach, because when the stomach acid are rising, the stomach so full filled, resulting in the abdomen becomes bloated feels.

5. Vomiting

Vomiting is another common symptom of heartburn. This is due to a wound in the stomach. Increased levels of stomach acid can also aggravate the condition, making the patient want to vomit continuously. This occurs because of the presence of gastric ulcers that come in contact with acids. Therefore, before this happens it is always a good idea to maintain intestinal and gastric health.

6. Heat on Neck

Finally, the symptoms of ulcer this one rarely known moment of heartburn. Why does this happen? That’s because the nerve that is owned by the stomach and the neck is the same, the heat which is felt in the stomach will go up to the neck. After the stomach feels the heat then spreads to the neck and the back.

7. Frequent Belching

Characteristics of heartburn are easy to spot was the emergence of saltpeter that often occur. Immediately checks to see if the saltpeter felt too often appears. Cause of too frequent belching is the increased stomach acid in sufferers. Stimulation of burps occur when stomach acid to rise. Characteristics of gastric acid medium ride is if foul-smelling saltpeter.

After experiencing various symptoms of gastritis, ulcer drugs there are a few that you can use to mitigate and resolve the ulcer. Here are some medicines to relieve ulcer pain include:

1. Antasida – Neutralizing stomach acid,
2. H2RA – reduce levels of gastric acid.
3. PPI – treating the symptoms of heat and pain in middle of chest.
4. Alginat – Treating acid reflux stomach.
5. Antibiotics – Deadly bacteria Helicobacter pylori.
6. Prokinetik – accelerating the digestion of food.
7. Medication antidepressants – reduce pain when heartburn.

That’s some symptoms of gastritis you have to beware. Learn about the characteristics of the disease in order to prevent the occurrence of heartburn. Check with your doctor immediately if the body proved less tasty and pain continues.