Preparations before Childbirth That Mothers Need To Know

For moms who are waiting for the presence of the small, certainly agree if matters of pregnancy and childbirth are not an easy thing. However, with the preparation of mature from far-distant day, naturally everything will feel easier and according to plan. Than busy time leading up to Labor Day, its good the mother learned the various preparations before giving birth so labor became much more smoothly.

Preparations before Childbirth That Mothers Need To Know 1

Preparation before giving birth Mother can do include:

1. Pregnancy Health

It is undeniable if Mother’s health certainly enters in preparation before giving birth that should not be forgotten. Besides exercising to maintain body fitness, you also need to provide your body with a variety of good nutritious foods for the period of pregnancy.

In addition, enjoy a reasonably and reduce heavy activities. The cleanliness of the body also became the mother of other factors to consider maintaining good health during the pregnancy period. Preparing the health body before giving birth will certainly be of great help in the process of childbirth.

2. Mental Preparation before giving birth

For the mother of the birth of this time is the first experience, certainly moment’s labor feels stressful and will be many things that cause for concern. Of course it is not good for the content, especially if the mother to experience stress during the period of pregnancy. For preparation before the most fundamental childbirth the Mother can do is to mentally prepare for the Mother.

The method can be very simple; you can consult with a mother who previously would have had a similar experience and also share things about tips before giving birth with other Mother friends who might be more experienced. If necessary, consult a gynecologist or psychiatrist can also do to prepare mentally before labor.

3. Learn the birthing

Before Labor Day, to allow the Mother better prepared both in terms of attitudes and knowledge regarding labor, already comes with the Mother to take the time to learn about the process of childbirth.

Although many mothers are afraid of being mentally disoriented after knowing the details of the labor process, in fact the obstetricians actually say that prospective mothers who understand the labor process tend to be more active during labor and will certainly facilitate and provide the best results.

The mother can take special classes about childbirth preparation or looking for readings from the book of mother and child as well as article about childbirth preparation and stuff. In doing so, the mother will be more ready to face the day of birth of the minor.

4. Prepare the body through physical exercise and sport

Whether birth by caesarean section or normal, it is important for you to always prepare for physical fitness. For that, make exercise routines that are safe for pregnant women. Mothers begin to be able to do pregnancy exercises or learn yoga movements for pregnant women.

In addition to creating physical Mother better prepared when labor, doing exercise regularly will help the body’s metabolism during pregnancy and can also reduce stress and other complications during pregnancy.

5. Trusted doctors and hospitals

During labor, the mother’s obstetrician will play a role in leading the labor. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a trusted doctor and hospital. Make sure the hospital that you choose has supporting facilities for the smooth delivery process.

Start your search for information about the hospital and the obstetrician from the beginning of pregnancy. If the birthing Mother covered by health insurance, make sure the hospitals Mother select are in the insurance coverage.

6. Select the Mother birthing methods like and according to needs

Growing technology, a method of childbirth became diverse. It’s good the mother learned the methods of pregnancy and consults your doctor, so that the mother could find the most appropriate delivery method for the process of childbirth. For now, here’s a pretty popular delivery method:

    • Giving birth naturallyGive birth to normal generally chosen because of the pain of post childbirth not long if compared to caesarean section. In order to make the process of childbirth the mother more smoothly, try to learn to regulate breathing by following childbirth class.
    • The method gives birth to Water birthThe process spawned by the method of water birth is carried in a small pool containing warm water. The process is conducted in a warm water pool is expected to reduce the pain by the time the contractions and childbirth, so that the mother can feel more comfortable.
  • Giving birth by caesarean sectionCaesarean section is performed with the wrenching part of the stomach to uterus. Caesarean section is generally done if the condition of the labor pain or contractions to run slowly (or not even happen at all), the baby is too large to be issued by way of normal, if the mother has a problem of heart health, or position the baby does not allow for normal births.

7. Prepare everything needed and the time of delivery

Preparation before the last childbirth that is no less important is to make sure the mother and baby equipment are fulfilled. Prepare equipment for your child at least 4 weeks before birth, starting from baby clothes, diapers, baby blankets, baby pillows, baby socks, to baby cots.

In addition to the grassroots, there is also some equipment for the mother that will be desperately needed as post-birth clothing for breastfeeding, breastfeeding pillows, to the breast pump.

That’s some major preparation prior to the birth Mother will need to understand before labor. The other most important thing not to forget is the mother to avoid stress and anxiety. With the preparation of a mature, naturally the mother need not feel worried.