The Most Popular and Profitable Types of Gold Investment

Gold investing is one of the most popular forms of investment. This is because people believe that gold prices will always go up over time. Gold investment is generally divided into two, namely in the form of Real Asset and a Paper Asset. Before you start investing in gold, you must first know the types of gold investment is profitable. Let’s check out the types of gold investing:


1. Gold investment in Real Assets is investment gold in the form of real asset is very popular and has a physical form that can be held.

2. Gold Jewelry

When we buy gold jewelry in the shop, we usually will cost you making and also VAT. However, when we sell gold jewelry we normally will only be paid the price of the gold course. Gold jewelry is better made a long-term investment.

3. Gold bullion

Gold bullion or commonly called precious metals is 99.9% pure gold in the form of bars or chips. Gold bullion investment is one of the popular investment due tend to be safe and easy to buy and sell.

4. Ancient Gold

Ancient gold is usually in the form of coins that are hundreds to thousands of years old. Ancient gold has a high value because in addition to the gold price, there is also a high historical value. Ancient gold is very good to be used as a means of investment and collection.

5. Islamic gold Dinar

The gold dinar is one of the special investments because gold dinar is resistant to inflation so that the intrinsic value does not go down.

6. Certificate of Gold

The gold certificate is a proof of ownership of gold stored in the bank. By investing in gold certificates, we can reduce the risk of stolen gold and also reduce costs because there is no storage costs gold.

7. Gold investment in Paper Assets

Unlike the gold investing in real assets, gold investment in paper assets have no physical form.

8. Gold mutual funds

Gold mutual funds investments infused into physical gold trading company stock transactions and also gold. This investment is more profitable because their owners do not have to store physical gold. In addition, investment mutual funds may also be made online at the investment company securely and reliably.

9. Gold Trading

Exchange Trade Funds (ETFS) is a type of mutual fund whose shares can be traded on the stock exchange and capital market. Buying and selling Exchange Trade Funds (ETFS) and gold-based mutual funds through the trading floor.

Once you know the type of gold investment, surely you already can not guess about the type of investment gold which is the most profitable. There is no such thing as certainty in investing; all we can do is reducing the risk. Let’s quickly start and don’t be afraid to invest.