Negative Impact of Gadgets on Children and How to Prevent Them

The gadget has the role of positive and negative as well in everyday life. Gadgets have become important things that cannot be separated from our grasp and this is certainly also affect our children. Indeed the use of gadgets in children cannot be denied because the changing times are now versatile technology. The following will be reviewed on the gadget on the negative effect of the child along with the solution so that our children don’t get carried away towards the negative.

Gadgets on Children

The negative impact on children’s Gadgets includes:

1. Causes of obesity

The use of television and video games is related to increasing cases of obesity in children. Electronic devices that are installed in a child’s room and can be accessed privately can increase the risk of obesity by 30%. And 30% of children, who suffer from obesity, will experience diabetes, to have a high risk of early stroke or heart attack, and a low life expectancy. This is caused because when children play gadgets, children will be less mobile, causing fat accumulation and automatically giving negative effects on children.

2. Interfere with the child’s brain growth

At the age of 0-2 years, children’s brains grow very quickly and will continue up to the age of 21. Child brain development is influenced by environmental stimulation. Excess stimulation of the gadget on the developing child’s brain, can cause disorders of development.

These disorders include cognitive delays, disruption in the learning process, tantrums, increasing impulsivity, and decreasing children’s ability to be independent. This is certainly one of the negative effects of gadgets for children.

3. Sleep disorders

75% of children ages 9-10 years experience lack of sleep due to the use of technology without supervision especially at night. The negative effect of the gadgets can also resulted in lack of sleep that will badly their school grades, because the brain will thrive and regenerate red blood is also done when we sleep. Children obviously need enough sleep so that his brain could function properly.

4. The nature of Addiction

When children play gadgets too long without parental supervision, this will cause addiction and dependence. This of course will also affect the physical development and also motoric of children. Children become closed and lack socialization, even children can be lack of food intake because they are glued to the gadget screen. This also has a negative effect on children.

5. Mental disorders

Research at Bristol University in 2010 revealed that the danger of the use of gadgets on a child can increase negative effects such as the risk of depression, anxiety disorders; lack of attention, autism, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and problematic behavior others. This is because of the lack of interaction with children around.

Solutions to prevent the negative effects of gadgets in children

To prevent children getting the negative effects of gadgets, of course it takes the role of a parent. Restrictions on the use of gadgets such as Smartphone’s and tablets become important factors to reduce the negative effects of the use of gadgets in children.

The most effective is the restriction of the use of the gadget up to 2 hours now. In addition, parents should also keep watch over what kids do with the gadgets so the child will be more controlled and not abusing the gadget itself.

That’s the explanation about the negative effect the gadget on the child along with the solution. Come on more alert again against our children’s activities. In addition to limiting the use of gadgets, surely a good nutrition and vitamins is also needed for the development of the child.