Natural Food Dyes to Make an Interesting and Funny Cakes

Do you have a hobby of cooking or baking? If you can make a wide variety of cuisines and food that can be enjoyed by the whole family must be very fun, especially if you make a hobby you as a promising business opportunity.

Natural Food Dyes to Make an Interesting and Funny Cakes 1

When we make a meal, we want to provide the nutritional value of the food. But now it’s an awful lot of foodstuffs made from harmful chemical substances that can damage organs. If not carefully choose food materials, we could risk exposed to the deadly disease.

If we love to make a cake, then one of the ingredients that should not miss is the food coloring. With this dye, the look of the cake became more interesting and so people prefer to eat it.

But, we often encounter is a type of artificial food coloring that were not good for the body. Artificial colorants typically contain aluminum, barium, zirconium or that could cause disorder of autism. That is why we must be wise in choosing foodstuffs, in this case is food coloring materials.

Natural food dyes are certainly better than artificial ones. You can try natural food dyes ingredients to make cakes or other foods. Besides being safe, this ingredient can also increase the nutritional content of your homemade food. Natural ingredients that can be used to give color to food include:

1. Green

Maybe you are familiar with natural green for food. Usually we use pandan leaves so that the food turns green and gets the fragrant aroma of the pandan leaves.

But do you know that there are other ingredients that can make food green? You can try spinach and green tea powder to change the appearance of your homemade food to beautiful green.

2. Red or Pink

The red color is probably the most widely used because it is interesting for the color of the food. To get this color, you can use ingredients such as cranberry juice, raspberries or strawberries are mashed and chili pepper or dried red peppers.

In addition to giving the color red, these types of red fruits also give a fresh fruit aroma to your homemade cake. Whereas if you want to give pink, just reduce the number of additions of natural food dyes to your food mixture so that it creates a cute pink color.

3. Blue or Purple

Fruits that can give color blue and purple berry fruit aromas as well as add is a blueberry and blackberry. Two fruit you drain and then mash into a paste or porridge. Squeeze the paste until it issued the extract color can direct you enter on cookie dough. Also from grape juice so that the violet-colored food funny.

4. Orange and yellow

You can get the orange color of carrots. Basically the carrot has no taste too sweet, so don’t worry if carrots can change the taste of food. In addition, for the yellow color no doubt you already know if Saffron can transform food into a yellow color.

In addition to turmeric, saffron is there that you can add on the cuisine or food. But make sure you just add to taste only because if too much, the flavors you could just change.

5. Dark Brown

Do you want to make dishes with a thick brown sauce? The trick is to roast cinnamon, cloves, and black nutmeg for 5-6 minutes. After that, mash the three ingredients and add to the sauce and sauce of your cooking. Do you also want to make candy by yourself at home? Heat and melt a few tablespoons of sugar, beet juice and milk and let the mixture harden and turn into a tempting dark brown color.

It turns out that adding natural food dyes on the cuisine and the food was pretty easy. You can use the natural food dye to make pastries that are certainly going to be more interesting. Good luck.