Myths and Facts of the Birth Control Pill, Find Out Truth Here

Is it true that weight up because taking birth control pills? Is it true that taking birth control pills for too long so it’s hard to get pregnant? Let’s discuss one by one the various myths and facts about birth control pills.

Birth Control Pill

One method of preventing pregnancy is by taking birth control pills. When consumed properly, oral contraceptives can prevent pregnancy up to 99.9%. But sometimes, some women choose unregister a pill because it believes the various opinions that are not yet clear or myth. Is it true that these myths?

1. Myth: birth control pills make fat
Fact: the myth of this one have long circulated in the community. In fact weight loss ride is not directly caused by birth control pills. It is true that the birth control pills including hormonal contraceptives that contain small amounts of the hormones estrogen and progestin. Sometimes hormones can increase appetite.

But this happens only on some, and with self-control and a good life, we can adjust what and how much food and drink that goes into our body. But you need to know, birth control pills that contain circulating hormones that are lower. So, it’s likely to increase appetite is also smaller.

2. Myth: Pill making irregular menstrual cycles
Facts: birth control pills that contain estrogen hormones can help the menstrual cycle become more regular. In fact, one of the treatments for irregular menstrual cycle is the use of hormonal contraception such as birth control pills.

3. Myth: too long taking birth control pills so hard to get pregnant
Fact: immediately after stop taking birth control pills, the chance to get pregnant is thus very large. In fact, forget not taking birth control pills for 3 days in a row and then s*xual intercourse, it can allow a woman to become pregnant.

4. Myth: birth control pills must be taken at the same hour every day
Fact: Taking birth control pills at the same time every day is indeed strongly recommended, in order to optimize their effectiveness in controlling pregnancy. Moreover, taking birth control pills at the same time will ease you in remembering this routine.

5. Myth: birth control pills can prevent s*xually transmitted diseases
Fact: the Pill can’t prevent transmission of s*xual diseases. You and your partner must remain faithful to each other and to use condoms if don’t want to contracting s*xually transmitted diseases. If necessary, you and your spouse can be routinely checked to ensure that health is safe from s*xually transmitted diseases.

If you decide to use oral contraceptives or birth control pills, remember to always discuss it first with your doctor. That way, the doctor can help determine whether or not the method is suitable for you, and always control the use of the Pill itself.