Looking For Cheap Wedding Souvenir Ideas

Depending on the size of your wedding, the budget for your wedding can be very important. This is important because you may be planning to allow one request for each guest or one for each pair. Whatever you decide to do, if you have a large number of guests, it can greatly affect the amount you can spend on each souvenir. If you have a large number of guests on a limited budget, you should consider looking for cheap wedding souvenir ideas. However, if you only have a few guests, you may be able to shop with more expensive souvenirs.

Looking For Cheap Wedding Souvenir Ideas 1

Candles are one of the simplest ideas for cheap wedding souvenirs. You can find simple candles available at a very affordable price. You might even consider buying a personalized ribbon to tie a pretty bow around the candle.

These ribbons can usually be ordered and may include your name and wedding date. This may sound like an expensive item, but if you buy this ribbon on a reel instead of precut, the price can be very affordable. Simple taper candles tied with your personalized ribbon can be placed in any place arrangement to make a really cheap wedding souvenir.

Candy is another cheap wedding idea. You find a number of different ways to share sweets as an inexpensive wedding souvenir. One way to do this is buy a pretty cloth and some ribbons, cut the cloth into small squares, put some small pieces of candy on each box and drag the its corners into one and tie it with the ribbon. It’s not just a very cheap wedding idea but also a very simple idea that can be gathered at the last minute.

Another way to use sweets as a wedding souvenir is to buy small cans and fill them with the candies of your choice. You can buy candies in large quantities to keep the price low and separate the candies into small portions for each guest. The last way to give sweets as a wedding souvenir is to buy sweets with personalized wrappers. Wrappers can include your name and wedding date and even photograph you both. This can be very affordable especially if you order in bulk and only use one design for the wrapper.

Flower packages or vegetable seeds are also amazing wedding souvenirs that are also very cheap. You can accumulate several different seed types and bind each one with the ribbon to create an interesting presentation that will not spend your budget.

Another way to give flowers or vegetable seeds as a wedding souvenir is to put the seeds in a small pot. Pots don’t have to be big enough to grow flowers or vegetables it’s just a symbolic gift so it can be a bit small. The pot only needs to be large enough to accommodate the SEED package. This is important because small pots can be purchased rather inexpensive while larger pots will be much more expensive.

Another great idea for a wedding souvenir that is also very affordable is the pen with the name of the bride and the wedding date written on the pen. These can often be purchased at very little prices and can be paired with stationery and notes that encourage your guests to stay in touch. It’s a good idea for a wedding souvenir because it’s something you can actually use plus by inserting a few stationery and notes that encourage guests to stay in touch.

You tell them that you really appreciate their friendship. You may want to consider including a stamp envelope complete with a souvenir so your guests will be more inclined to follow your advice and send you at least a short note after the wedding.