List Of Channel Youtube Beauty Favorites From A White To Dark Skin

YouTube’s beauty world is not something foreign people hear. Many super-famous beauty teachers such as Nikkie Tutorials and Jeffree Star present a variety of content for makeup lovers around the world. Curious who are the beauty teachers whose content is no less interesting? Check the list below:

1. Jackie Aina

List Of Channel Youtube Beauty Favorites From A White To Dark Skin 1

For owners of dark and oily skin, there is no need to be confused to find out the suitability of the product. If Jackie Aina likes it, you will definitely like it too. African-American girl from Los Angeles who was once a soldier on the US Army has always spiced up her vlogs with humor and honesty of product reviews.

Jackie often gives the audience the basic makeup tricks tutorials like eyebrow shaping, contouring, and how closes the pores. In addition, Jackie also likes to talk about political issues in the world of beauty. Jackie also has collaboration with various product brand makeup, one is a Bronze highlighter La James, collaborated with Artist Couture.

2. Tati Westbrook

Tati Westbrook

When you want to buy beauty products that have a price tag that is quite expensive, you can “consult” first with Tati. Tati is known for her very honest product review videos, and she often buys beauty products at exorbitant prices to be experimented in front of the camera. In addition to expensive product reviews, Tati often does makeup tutorials using affordable drugstore or mid-range products, and Tati always knows that dupe products are good for expensive makeup.

3. Nyma Tang

Have super dark skin is not an obstacle to free experimenting with makeup. The Tang Nyma came from a family of South Sudanese immigrants, and even its shiny black skin never lost its confidence. Nyma and her beautiful skin often amaze the audience with her cheerful attitude.

One of the prominent aspects of channel Nyma is a review of his foundation. Nyma is often “testing” in the darkest color of a foundation suitable to him, and this is what often made reference to dark-skinned makeup lovers around the world.

4. Emily Ford (My Pale Skin)

Don’t think all beauty vlogger definitely has perfect skin. Just check out Emily Ford, owner of the Youtube beauty channel, titled “My Pale Skin”. Original girl England has severe acne that never lost even in *dult age. For lovers of makeup those breakouts just follow the tips and tricks from Em to shut all the spots-spots face.

In addition, one of Em’s video entitled “You Look Disgusting” ever viral. The video was made in response to the comments of evil on the internet about his face, and the video shows that women wear makeup for her own pleasure and not because he felt he was bad.

5. Mariah Leonard

If it goes through Sephora, definitely feels like to bite the fingers look super expensive makeup sets on display. On channel Mariah, she serves the content indicates that any expensive makeup certainly has a clone or a dupe of other brands more affordable price. In addition to giving reviews and product comparisons that are informative, Mariah also gives the audience makeup tutorial suitable natural nuance applied daily.

6. Morgan Alison Stewart (TheBeautyBreakdown)

Create K-Beauty-lovers, must’ve known Morgan dong? Mulatto chick Korea-Americans often go back and forth between Los Angeles and Seoul to try new makeup product in the channel. Morgan often uploads videos about routine skincare and makeup, all using products Korea. So, if you are looking for reference or product reviews Korea, directly click on channel TheBeautyBreakdown at the Morgan.

7. Alexandra Thomas (LearningToBeFearless)

Being a plus-size girl and often being ridiculed did not dampen Alexandra’s enthusiasm to become a teacher’s beauty & lifestyle on YouTube. If you like glam makeup style, Alexandra’s channel is filled with glam makeup tutorials for all events. In addition, Alexandra also often performs hauls that will be reviewed in front of the camera.

That’s some recommendation beauty guru you can subscribe. To be able to look beautiful like beauty vlogger, buying a variety of makeup can also be done online at the store of your choice.