Learn Mode and Credit Card Frauds Prevention Tips

The development of financial technology presents a wide range of financial products that aims to simplify life. One is credit card. However, have you received a request credit card numbers or other suspicious things that may tend to lead to a credit card?

Credit Card Fraud

Although it aims to ease us, have a credit card also does not mean free of fraud mode. But, if you’re sprightlier and know the mode-mode of credit card frauds, certainly this is not a difficult matter. Let us review about credit card frauds that you credit card users be more alert.

Mode-The Mode of Credit Card Frauds

1. Online Shopping

Technological advances now make everyone can shop for anything and anywhere online. To facilitate the transaction, payment can also use credit cards. Unfortunately, many sites or online stores that aim to deceive so that once paid the seller disappear. Avoid credit card frauds like this by just shopping on a site selling trust.

2. Phishing scams

The mode of the first credit card frauds is phishing or fooling mode. The mode of this fraud can be done in many ways started via telephone, SMS, and e-mail. Perpetrator usually impersonate offers new credit card, giving the prize to give away promos and additional credit card limit and a variety of other ways that you get screwed and provide personal data about the credit card you have.

These data will then be used actors to breaking into credit cards and use the money you have. Therefore, avoid providing critical data such as credit card PIN to anyone.

To avoid this kind of thing happens, it’s good if you want to make a credit card or increase the limit of the credit card, visit the credit card issuer directly or contact the call center. To simplify and enhance security, you can also file a credit card online.

3. Links and bogus Software

Other ways of getting credit card frauds offender personal data without being noticed is through links and mysterious software often appear in a pop-up on the screen of a computer or Smartphone. In addition a link that looks like this virus can also be spread through e-mail or other messaging applications. So, avoid clicking on links that are not clear origin or downloading software from illegal sites or less reliable.

4. Skimming

If phishing is done by tricking us directly, skimming is a credit card frauds where as a victim we don’t realize that the data we have is taken away. This data theft is carried out with the help of a tool that functions to copy information that is usually inserted in an ATM or EDC. Its small form makes it difficult to see. When shopping in small shops, avoid using credit cards whenever possible. Use a credit card only in trusted stores or supermarkets.

Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Frauds

With these various credit card frauds modes, is transaction safe using a credit card? Of course it’s safe. However, to maintain the security of transacting using a credit card, it’s a good idea to follow these tips to avoid this credit card frauds:

1. Transact using credit cards only in places that are trusted both self-service and online stores.
2. Always keep your private and confidential data such as credit card, PIN and never let the other person know.
3. Always check the transaction history regularly.
4. Avoid credit cards lend to others.
5. Don’t be tempted by promos and gifts, always check with credit card issuing agencies to ensure suspicious offers.

After getting to know various credit card frauds modes and also learning various ways and tips to avoid credit card frauds, then you don’t have to worry about security in credit card transactions. Well, for those of you who want to use a credit card, hopefully now you will be more convinced to have your own credit card. To make it easier, you can immediately find out various credit card options from various financial institutions and submit them directly and choose the one that best suits your needs.