Knowing Sleep Paralysis and How to Overcome It

Have you experienced the event in which the body cannot be moved even though already wake from sleep? This is certainly can lead to a sense of panic. Some people even say that they can see spirits when unable to move his body.

Sleep Paralysis

Actually, what is Sleep Paralysis? When sleep paralysis occurs, the muscles cannot be driven, owner of any body will not be able to pull out of the vote. Let’s get to know more about sleep paralysis in order to find out what the symptoms and how to address them.

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which the body’s muscles become paralyzed so that they cannot be moved even though the brain is awake and awakened from sleep, often causing panic and fear. Especially because most people say they can see spirits “sitting” above their bodies when this event occurs.

This is caused by disruption of the sleep phase of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) because the Agency was ready for activity while the brain is not ready to come out of that phase. Among young adults (25-44 years) was the most frequently experienced sleep paralysis.

What Causes Sleep Paralysis?

Up to now, there have been no definite findings as to the causes of sleep paralysis. Some arguments stating this disorder can be caused due to genetic factors, but it is yet to be ascertained. The answer closest to explain this phenomenon is to find the reason why sleep REM phase can be interrupted, that is, irregular sleep patterns, body fatigue, stress, fatigue, or the use of certain drugs.

Therefore, how to avoid sleep paralysis is to have a good sleep pattern and true. Keep your body from being too tired, enough to eat and drink, and make the condition of the body as well as bed as comfortable as possible. Don’t go to bed in a bad mood, angry, or upset. Try reading a book, listen to your favorite songs, or light a candle aromatherapy in order to calm the mood of the moment wants to sleep.

What to do When Sleep Paralysis?

The most important thing is to keep you in order to remain calm and not to panic, because the panic sense would thus aggravating circumstances. Try to inhale a deep breath, and try to move members of your body slowly. Starting from the easiest, like fingers or soles of the feet.

Opponents feeling heavy whipping, then try to get up and awake. When you’re up, inhale, and then go to the bathroom to wash face with cold water. Drink several glasses of water until you really quiet again.

Sleep paralysis can be divided into two types, namely:

1. RISP (Repeated Isolated Sleep Paralysis)

RISP is a more serious disruption of ISP, generally lasts for 10 minutes to many hours. Any frequency can be more than once a night. Only 3% of the total world population is known to suffer from RISP. Generally, the RISP is a symptom of the sufferers of narcolepsy (sleep disorders). When someone often has sleep paralysis–the good news immediately checked me to get further medical help.

2. Your ISP (Isolated Sleep Paralysis)

ISP is a type of sleep paralysis is most often experienced by many human beings. At the very least, humans certainly never once felt a lifelong ISP (around 6.2% of the total world population experienced ISP). Sleep paralysis of this type of attack is especially when the owner of the body is in a position on her back. Length of only about one to a few minutes, and the most deadly is a nightmare or hallucination.

That’s a little explanation about sleep paralysis. By knowing an explanation as well as the cause, we can do some things to prevent this from happening while we are asleep. In conclusion, when sleep paralysis afflicting, do your best to keep quiet so as not happening things that much worse.