Knowing the Causes of Tartar and How to Clean It

Teeth are one of the most important elements possessed by humans. If not treated properly, many problems can arise in the mouth area, especially the teeth. One of them is tartar. What is tartar, what causes it and how to clean tartar?


Causes of Tartar

Tartar is hardened plaque on the teeth, formed from limestone and plaque, a substance found in saliva. Generally, plaques formed by leftovers and bacteria found in the mouth and not purged.

Well, the most common cause of tartar is leftovers that are not immediately cleaned. Food scraps become hard due to sedimentation of minerals found in saliva. If the leftovers are left alone and not cleaned, then tartar will form.

Not only because the rest of the food, causes of tartar is also due to brushing your teeth in a manner not true so leave the rest of the food in the mouth. In addition, the causes of tartar are because you are not brushing your teeth after eating.

In addition, note also the foods that you consume. Consumption of foods with a high content of sugar and flour, tea, coffee and smoking can also make teeth prone have tartar.

We cannot consider paltry Tartar, because this can cause various problems in dental health, such as bad breath, teeth less porous, cavities, and other dangerous diseases. Therefore, you need to be diligent in taking care of teeth and teeth cleaning of tartar. How to?

How to Clean Tartar

Certainly you want to have perfect teeth, flawless instead? For that you should always keep your dental health you every day. How to clean Tartar from teeth, naturally and simple, you can do it by doing the following:

1. Diligently check your teeth

This is often a problem when you come to the dentist only when having problems on the teeth. Well, this should not happen again because you need to be diligent to check the teeth. The appearance of various diseases often does not realize that when you go to the doctor, it’s too late. Make it a habit every 6 months check the teeth.

2. Diligent brushing teeth

The main and most important thing is to always diligent about brushing your teeth. The main, 2 times a day and exercised regularly, and in addition when finished eating. Make sure that all areas of the tooth has been affordable and exposed to feather the brush and toothpaste with flat.

3. Use a mouthwash

In this way is referred to as one of the effective ways to repel various diseases that are present in the teeth, as well as more effective for teeth cleaning, because almost all areas of the mouth can be affected. Use mouthwash as additional protection in addition to using toothpaste and floss.

4. Floss

Maybe this is rarely known, but floss is a tool resembling a thread that is used to clean the teeth and reach the narrow crevices that could not reach toothbrush, such as between the teeth. The activity of flossing can remove the rest of the food is not affordable by a toothbrush, so that indirectly affect the incidence of coral teeth.

5. Use baking soda

Baking soda is called can eliminate Tartar and whiten teeth quickly. Especially, use baking soda when Tartar is already severe and hardened.

6. Adjust eating patterns

Adjust the consumption of foods well. Cut down on foods with a high content of sugar and flour, cigarettes, as well as expand the consumption of fruit and vegetables. It is useful in addition to remove tartar, also to reduce odor in the mouth.

7. Use orange peel

This most natural way has been used for several times. Orange has many vitamins and nutrients, so you can use orange peel to apply to teeth. Clean the orange peel, then immediately rub the orange peel on the teeth. For better results, leave it overnight and the next day gargle. Do it regularly for the best results.

Teeth are one of the most important elements possessed by humans, so they must be properly guarded from various problems such as tartar. Maintain healthy teeth with a healthy lifestyle.