Know the Symptoms of Cervical Cancer and How to Prevent It

Humans are particularly susceptible to various disorders of dangerous diseases. The disease knows no age and gender. Not only men can be potentially exposed to the disease cancer, but women also have the chance of occurrence of cancer. One of the special types of cancer attacking women is cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the murderers of women secretly in the world especially in Indonesia. It is estimated each year there are 21 thousand cases of cancer of the cervix in Indonesia, so that puts Indonesia as the country with the number of cervical cancer sufferers in the world, and the number one killer of women in Indonesia. Cervical cancer sufferers in Indonesia each year continues to increase.

Cervical cancer is a malignant tumor and grows inside the cervix (the area in the female reproductive organs, located between the uterus and copulation). Cervical cancer is generally caused by the HPV virus or the Human Papiloma Virus.

These dangerous diseases occur due to abnormal growth and changes in the cells of the cervix/cervical. In addition, another possibility of the occurrence of cervical cancer is because often changing sexual partners, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as smoking.

There are several symptoms of cervical cancer should you beware of and is divided into two phases, namely the precancerous to cancer cells growing and spreading. Some of these are as follows:

Pre-cancer symptoms to post-cancer

1. Bleeding in intercourse

The first symptom of cervical cancer is bleeding occurs in intercourse, especially when outside the menstrual period. Respond to this situation with suspicion; do not underestimate the occurrence of abnormal bleeding. Although not necessarily because you have cervical cancer, it should be wary if other symptoms appear.

2. Changes in the menstrual cycle

Symptoms of cervical cancer the next fitting you suspect is the duration of menstruation is longer. Generally the menstruation happens for 5 to 7 days, however if there are tumors occur in the cervical area, and then the possibility of a longer menstruation occurs.

3. Pain or pain when performing sexual intercourse

Because the process of inflammation that occurs in the cervical area, when doing sexual activity becomes more sensitive and certainly became easy to cause pain.

4. Problems in the urinary tract

Symptoms when cervical cancer cells have developed are problems urinating and urinary tract. This happens because the urethra has closed from the kidney or urethra because of the spread of the tumor.

5. Pain in the pelvic region, legs, or back

When the cancer cells had already spread not only in the neck of the uterus, but has evolved, then one of the symptoms of cervical cancer are pain in the pelvic region, legs or back.

6. Abnormal vaginal discharge

Usually a whitish mucus with clear color and does not contain odor and others. But, worth a suspected one of the symptoms of cervical cancer is the presence of whitish fluid yet with mucus, pus or blood dirty fluid.

7. Post-menopausal Bleeding
When women already entering menopause, should no longer experience menstrual blood. Well, if you have menopause but there is still blood, you must be aware that it is derived from cervical cancer cells.

8. Anemia
Anemia that can occur to you is caused by abnormal bleeding in the intercourse.

9. Weight dropped dramatically

When you weight decreases drastically without cause, especially when followed with the above symptoms then you need to suspect because cervical cancer has been growing in the body.

Now that’s some symptoms that can be felt by sufferers of cervical cancer. Indeed, not to mean if one occurs on you then positively and automatically you are exposed to the disease of cervical cancer. However, all problems occurred on the lookout for mandatory and you always suspect when there is abnormal changes in yourself.

After knowing the symptoms of cervical cancer ranging from early stage to advanced stage, you should also know how to prevent cervical cancer. With a number of symptoms of cervical cancer that you know, you can prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer, before everything was too late. Here’s how to prevent cervical cancer you can do:

1. Keep your healthy living patterns

One way to prevent diseases is most important is to maintain a healthy life patterns. Do regular exercise in order to launch the metabolism of the body. Consumption of a variety of healthy foods like vegetables and fruit, as well as avoid a variety of harmful particles such as smoke and smoking vehicles.

2. Maintain the cleanliness of the sex organs

Furthermore, it’s also important to always maintain the cleanliness of the sex organs, not easy infected by viruses or bacteria. You can start it by using the panties that were not too tight, so better air circulation and infection or bacteria don’t grow. In addition if you’re menstruating period, replace the pads on a regular basis.

3. Avoid free sex

The easiest means of HPV could be infected is to free sex and worked at a couple. Better to avoid and prevent than cure when it has contracted the infection of sexually transmitted diseases.

4. Perform a pap smear

For you guys the women, this test is an important test you should do on a regular basis, at least once in a year. By conducting pap smear tests periodically then it will be seen the possibility of cervical cancer.

5. The HPV vaccine

If you are under 26 years old or have relatives on the age range, then one way to prevent cervical cancer is to do HPV vaccination, anti vaccine cervical cancer. This vaccine is effective when you have never contracted HPV, not yet sexually active, so it would be better as early as possible start prevented.

All diseases hazards certainly would be better if we already know the symptoms and how to prevent it, so that will reduce the range of potentially harmful over time that can happen to you. Well with any of these symptoms, you now have to be more vigilant to observe changes in ourselves. Do prevention as early as possible, before cervical cancer come secretly and attacking the health of you.