Know the Diabetes Disease So That the Worst Possible Can Be Minimized

Diabetes is a disease that occurs when levels of blood sugar or blood glucose is too high, and this happened in a long time. Heredity can also be the cause of emergence of diseases of this sugar. If you parents are suffering from this disease, we must always be vigilant, if symptoms of diabetes can be anytime you in not applying the pattern of healthy living.

Diabetes Disease

Diabetes disease is closely related to the organs of the body of the pancreas. Hormones called insulin the pancreas resulting works help turn the glucose from food get into cells, so it can be used into energy. However, the body does not always produce enough insulin or the insulin does not exploit to the maximum.

Diabetes disease is caused by the increased blood sugar levels due to deposition of sugar does not reach the cell. Even though there is no medicine that can heal physically 100 percent, every disease can be overcome by diabetes control blood sugar levels and live a healthy life.

To be more careful, let’s look at the various types and symptoms of diabetes that you need to know the following:

Diabetes type 1

If you are suffering from type 1 diabetes, it can be ascertained the body does not produce insulin. The immune system attacks and destroys cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. Type 1 diabetes tends to attack children and young adults, but does not cover the possibility of attacking a human in the age of the other.

People who suffer from type 1 diabetes should be taking insulin every day to survive. Symptoms of type 1 diabetes are as follows:

  • Weight loss in sudden and significant.
  • Always thirsty.
  • Urination with high intensity.

Diabetes type 2

Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the body does not utilize the insulin properly. A person can suffer from diabetes type at any time, even while still in infancy. Type 2 diabetes tends to arise in middle age and old age.

The cause of type 2 diabetes arises because of the lifestyle of someone who is not concerned with health, and lazy to do physical activity. Eating low-calorie sugar as a substitute for sweeteners can help reduce the risk of developing Diabetes type 2.
Diabetes Gestational

Gestational diabetes develops when a woman is pregnant. This diabetes disease is gone along with the birth of the baby. However, if someone has had gestational diabetes, the person is at risk of developing Diabetes type 2 later on. Diabetes disease in pregnancy tends to be diagnosed as gestational diabetes even though Diabetes type 2.