Know the 7 Types of Sensors Smartphone and Its Function

The current Smartphone has become one of the most important items. We always count on this gadget to communicate, find information on the internet, access the social media, to meet the needs of multimedia.

Sensors  Smartphone

In operation, you know that the Smartphone is equipped with different sensors? Surely you familiar with terms such as proximity sensor, accelerator, gyroscope, and so on. Well, actually what is the function of the sensors smartphone? To find out more details, check out the discussion here.

The proximity sensor in the Smartphone works to protect the touch screen from accidental touch. This is very useful when you are calling on the phone. To avoid touch when the phone is attached to your ear, this sensor will turn off the touch screen function.

Proximity sensors are usually located at the top, next to the front camera and earpiece. Proximity sensor itself is not only used in smart phones, but also in devices for the automotive, medical, military, and other buildings.

Gyroscope Sensor Function

Gyroscope sensor support accelerator is to know with certainty the orientation of the phone’s position. This sensor will be very useful when you use them in playing racing games e.g., to turn right or left by moving the device.

Smartphone sensor capable of measuring magnetic field magnetometer and indicates in which direction the Earth’s North Pole by measuring the voltage coming out of a cell phone. Navigation applications like Google Maps or Apple Maps will not work perfectly without sensors embedded magnetometer.

You can also make the metal detector as a Smartphone with additional applications, because the sensor is usually also pinned on the metal detector. In addition, the sensor is also important to determine the direction of the Qibla.

Accelerator Sensor Function

Accelerator sensor is one of the most important sensors in smart phones. This serves as a sensor detection utilizing motion axis movement of taste, so it can measure how many steps you have traveled even though you do not use the smart watch or separate sports gadgets.

The other is the accelerator sensor function measures the speed, so that it can be known how fast you walk in a vehicle at this time. In addition, the accelerator also helped to revamp the phone display screen from portrait to landscape or vice versa.

The Function of the Sensor Is a Barometer

Barometer sensor serves to measure the air pressure, from predicting weather changes, to calculate altitude. The sensor is extremely important role in supporting the weather forecasts on Smartphone.

GPS Functions

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a Smartphone sensor sends a signal on a satellite in space to find out where your current position in real time. It is useful to support transportation applications online or determine the shipping address in more detail.

Ambient Light Sensor Function

Don’t be surprised if the Smartphone screen can automatically adjust the brightness with the situation room. This is possible thanks to the presence of an ambient light sensor. This sensor is credited to allow smart phones add brightness or Dim the screen in accordance with the light conditions in the environment you are located.

He functions of the sensor that is on the phone with you. All sensors that have a significant role are a very useful instead? Some sensors above also usually pinned on the smart watch, because the workings of the two devices are almost the same and support each other.