Is There A Relationship Between Brain Cancer and Brain Concussion?

Not a few people who sought between concussion and brain cancer. Although the concussion or brain cancer are two of the dreaded condition but actually they are different diseases. Brain cancer as well as concussion has different symptoms and causes as well.

Brain Cancer and Brain Concussion

Brain cancer arises due to uncontrolled growth of certain cells in the brain, as experienced by the late United States senator John McCain who died of glioblastoma type brain cancer. One of the most common is glial cells (nerve cell support cells). Glial cells that multiply uncontrollably dominate the skull cavity and inhibit the development of other cells in the brain, eventually causing glioblastoma type brain cancer.

In the initial stages, when still small, brain cancer generally does not show any symptoms. If there are symptoms, generally it is a recurrent headache that is often underestimated by the sufferer.

After the size of the cancer and urged greater brain tissue around it, then the other nervous disorders symptoms appear. Some conditions that can appear like eyesight, hearing loss, weakness of the arms and legs, talk is unclear, impaired memory, and much more.

Treatment of brain cancer consists of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. However, because brain cancer is usually only known when the tumor size is large, it is rare for brain cancer cases to be cured. Current treatments are more aimed at reducing complaints and prolonging the lives of sufferers.

In contrast to brain cancer, concussion occurred because there was a head injury, for example if the head banging experience. Concussion, or medically known as komosio, is a condition of mild brain injury, that the incidence of bruising on the brain that will be recovered perfectly within a short time. This condition rarely poses a danger.

Generally, concussion sufferers complain of dizziness or fainting for a few seconds. In addition, symptoms such as headache, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, ear ringing, or difficulty in talking can also occur. However, these complaints will diminish and disappear in less than 24 hours.

No concussion sufferers needing special treatment. It’s just that strict monitoring need to be done for 24 hours after the injury. It is important to ensure that the brain disorder is experienced only a mild disorders that cannot continue being a heavy injury.

Various scientific studies have been conducted to find out whether the person has ever suffered concussions are more prone to experience brain cancer. One such study ever carried out in Taiwan by the year 2012.

The results of the study stated that the cases of brain injury can cause a person more susceptible brain cancer several years later. However, the researchers found that brain injury may be a risk of brain cancer is a type of severe brain injury.

The injury is typically characterized by a decrease in consciousness in a long time or the presence of neurological disorder permanently. Meanwhile, a concussion is a mild brain injury does not trigger the brain cancer later in life.

Brain cancer is more susceptible to people with a family history of brain cancer, as well as people who have had radiation therapy in the head or neck area. To make sure it is one of the early prevention steps, you should see a doctor. The faster detected, the doctor will be able to provide the right solution for the condition you are experiencing.