How to Troubleshoot Feel Tired While Pregnant

Easy to feel tired quite common complained by pregnant women, especially in the early days of pregnancy and a few months before childbirth. Tired that perceived pregnant women, certainly more severe than the condition before pregnancy. Even tiredness is getting worse because of nausea and vomiting that is often experienced during pregnancy.


The cause of the pregnant women quickly feel tired is because increasing the hormone progesterone in the body and the change of physical form. Not only does interfere with daily activities, even while sleeping any pregnant women often interrupted due to this condition.

Early in pregnancy, hormone levels and metabolism change rapidly. Meanwhile, blood sugar levels drop and blood pressure lows. This is what eventually causes fatigue. Fatigue is also caused pregnancy hormone in the body is working to assist the development of the fetus.

In addition, there are several other reasons that make expectant mothers feel tired, among them:

1. Lack of sleep
2. Morning sickness
3. Blood the heart pumps harder to increase the blood volume
4. Division of nutrition to the fetus
5. Physical changes, especially during the third trimester

Compared to early pregnancy, second trimester, complaints on tired usually already much reduced, as the body begins to adapt to the influence of the hormones of pregnancy. But in the third trimester of pregnancy, several months ahead of delivery, do not be surprised if you feel it will be back. At that time, a sense of tired may be much more onerous because of the size and weight of the baby in the womb is also greater.

Although quite normal, tired of the drawn-out can make the activity of pregnant women being disturbed. In order to keeps it running while pregnant activity normal, here are some ways that can be done to reduce the sense of tired:

1. Reduced activity
Reduce unnecessary activity and prioritize what matters. If you work, try no more activities after that. If necessary, when feeling very tired, you can take leave or permit with a doctor’s letter. If you already have a child before, try asking someone else to take care of it when you take a break, for example, alternating with your husband to keep the Elder.

2. Eat a healthy diet
In early pregnancy, many women eat only a little because of reduced appetite. Yet when pregnant young, women need extra calories to reduce fatigue. Nutrition from food is also important for pregnancy. You can get it by eating a healthy diet consisting of vegetables, whole grains, milk, yogurt, and lean meats. Avoid fast food because it does not contain the nutrients needed by pregnant women, so even though you can still be full, but still easily tired.

3. Multiply the drinking water white
Pregnant women need to make sure the body is nothing short of a fluid, with many water-consuming white. It is at once can reduce the sense of tired. But if this can lead to frequent urination at night, preferably multiply drink water during the day time and only drink a little when the night.

4. Exercise regularly
Pregnant women need to do sport, in accordance with the ability of the body. You can take the time to just walk around for a bit in order to keep the flow of blood to flow smoothly. But if you are very tired, then do not have to force myself to do it. Rest, and exercise at a later time when the power is already accumulated again.

5. Consume supplements the doctor’s recommendation in accordance
Pregnancy supplement consumption as recommended by the doctor to optimize the health of the pregnancy, nutritional needs and complement in order to remain active and to prevent excessive sense of tired. One of them is iron supplements, because iron needs during pregnancy doubled compared to before getting pregnant. Consult a doctor about other supplements that are required.

When pregnancy makes you very tired, immediately consult a doctor. In addition to those mentioned above, often tired during pregnancy is also caused by the presence of a disease, ranging from mild flu-like infections, to more serious such as anemia in pregnant women, or hypothyroidism.

Pregnant women should not let the tired increasingly rampant. Without proper handling, this condition can affect you, especially if the pregnancy continues to be felt since the beginning of the pregnancy until the third trimester. Soon overcome with a consulting a doctor. If interference is experienced can be detected early on, then the risk of complications in pregnancy will be avoided.