How to Stop Smoking for a Healthier Life

We all would already know about the dangers of smoking on health. Not only are at risk of developing cancer, but also the people around them who inhale cigarette smoke will be affected. Therefore, congratulations for you who decided to stop smoking.

How to Stop Smoking for a Healthier Life 1

Tips you can do to be able to quit smoking, among others:

1. Set the start date

Indeed it sounds great if you want to immediately stop smoking tomorrow. But sometimes it stops too soon also will not be effective, and this will make the process thus stop failed in the middle of the road. So, set the start date to stop at least 4 days to a week to prepare you mentally and physically.

2. Be honest with yourself

The first step that you can quit smoking is you have to know the reason for the stop. For example, because you want to keep your health, or want to live longer, then you must constantly remind them.

So, how to stop smoking the first: with honest with yourself, how the usual rod is consumed every day. With this, progress will be more noticeable as the process of quitting smoking.

3. Start little by little

For example, in one day you smoke as many as 5 sticks. Quitting smoking by not smoking is often ineffective because the temptation to smoke is still too large. Therefore, start stopping smoking little by little by reducing one cigarette per week so that over time, the desire to smoke will decrease.

4. Ask for help

Try searching for your friend who is not a smoker and invite him to help you in the process of quitting smoking which you are living. In the first days of heavy, your friend will help you to be able to keep myself thy intention to stop smoking did not falter.

5. Go myself

The difficult way to stop smoking is your mind that keeps thinking about cigarettes. Direct consultation with your friends who are not smokers and invite him to do activities such as gaming or cycling together will be effective to divert your mind from cigarettes.

6. Take advantage of chewing gum

Instead of being frustrated because the desire to smoke is still very strong, just turn the desire to smoke cigarettes with gum. Chewing gum that keeps your mouth and teeth busy will divert your brain from cigarettes, making it easier to stop smoking.

7. Do spring cleaning

For the truly committed with quitting smoking, this step is indeed sounds difficult. Inevitably, we have to get rid of everything that reminds against smoking, from matches, ashtrays, cigarette rods to remain. After this step is complete, then there will be no longer any reminder against smoking, so stop any process so easy.

With the 7 ways to stop smoking above, we hope your transaction process will be easier. Quitting smoking is not something that is easy to do, especially for someone who has been smoking for years. But, with the help of loved ones and strong intentions, you can certainly do it. Don’t forget; share this article with your friends to help them stop smoking too.