How to Shrink the Calves and Thighs Easily and Quickly

If you are a fashion lover, certainly has the appearance of a tub model become the main thing to note? Skinny, slim body and gorgeous is the dream of all women.

If your weight is already considered an excess or body shape is not ideal yet, besides the look so distracted, looking for the right clothes and pants will also be difficult. But, don’t worry there is still a solution to get the slim body back. Check out tips on how to shrink the calves and thighs with ease below:

1. Calf Raises

Calf Raises

The movement on the calf raises, besides being able to shrink the calves, can also reduce the thighs. The first thing to do is to get your feet up and stand up straight, and then lift your body up while raising your heel slightly. The toe can be used as a center of weight. Hold this movement for ten seconds then lowers it again. It is highly recommended to do this movement regularly 20 times every day.

2. Jump Squats

To do Jump Squats are also fairly simple. The first thing to do is go to the position of the foot of the hips by standing upright, then raise your hand upwards and position the hands behind the ears. Lastly, the second bend knee to thigh parallel to the floor forming a 90 degrees, then stand upright with feet raised position. In order for the results of a quick look, do it on a regular basis. Besides being able to shrink the thighs, the Agency also became more athletic with a powerful leg muscles.

3. Jump Rope

Other simple ways to shrink the calves and thighs can be done by way of a jump rope. In addition to the weight can be reduced, the size of the calves and thighs will also shrink. When not used, do jump rope initially feels heavy. Enough to do about 10 minutes each day, but if you are already accustomed to, you can add the sports portion to 20 minutes a day.

4. Low Lunge Hover

The first way, stand upright with both hands raised to the top, then push your right foot towards the back, bend your left leg up to 90 degrees and formed the Agency also skew the hand try to position parallel to the right leg. Hold the movement three times while holding the breath; do alternately with the left foot. Repetition of movement to 3 times and continues with other movements.

5. V-Position

This V-position movement is no less effective for shrinking calves and thighs. The steps are also quite easy to follow. First, straighten your body and do a ballet-like position, then stand back to the chair and hold the chair with one hand. Move both feet to form the letter V so that the waist feels interested. Hold this motion for a few seconds then stand back and repeat again.

6. Leg Curl Theraband

To do a Leg Curl Theraband movement you need to provide a mattress and theraband. How to use it i.e., first hook the theraband, and then position the body lying face-down on top of the mattress with the yoga while you position the hands are bent to sustain the body. Take a breath, pull the theraband way lunges are slowly, a waste of breath. Do come back with the feet only.

7. Downward Dog Split

This movement is usually done as the end of the exercise to shrink the calves and thighs because of its nature to relax the muscles in the legs that have been trained. The way to do this is to do all fours while taking a deep breath. Continue to straighten the position of both feet while pressing both hands facing the floor.

Next, lift one leg to the top level with both hands. Relax and hold the movement to 2 times the length of the breath. Do the movement repeatedly with a foot switch.

That’s some way downplaying the calves and thighs with easy and fast. It’s suitable for those of you who don’t have time for sports to the outside or to the place of the gym, because the above movements you can do everything at home.