How to Remove Leg and Hand Hair with Natural Ingredients

For some people the presence of feathers in certain areas such as hands, feet and underarms can be very disturbing. There are many ways to get rid of leg hair and other feathers such as by doing laser methods and also waxing.

How to Remove Leg and Hand Hair

However, in addition to the ways, there are several ways of relieving foot naturally that you can try to do it yourself at home. Try different ways of eliminating foot naturally follows:

1. Eliminate Feathers with a mixture of White Eggs, Sugar, & Wheat Flour

This one way of removing hair can only be done if the feathers that you want to remove are fine hairs, not the legs that are long and wide.

How to:

  • Mix together 1 egg white grains, 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, and 1 tablespoon of flour into the dough.
  • Apply the dough on the foot area, and then rub gently with a cloth towel or hands until the feathers fall out.

2. Remove Feathers with Mixtures of Sugar, Lemon and Honey

This method of pulling one leg is actually like waxing, just using natural dough that you can make yourself. You can also use this technique to remove your hair and armpits.

The way is:

  • Combine 2 tablespoons granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 3 tablespoons honey natural then boiled to form a caramel.
  • After the cold caramel liquid, apply on the area’s fur will be eliminated and cover the area with a cloth.
  • Massage and press the fabric to stick with solid and strong on the skin.
  • After enough to dry out, pull the fabric in the direction opposite to the direction of growth of the feathers away.

3. Eliminate Feathers with Papaya

Unlike the two ways to remove hair from the legs before, this method requires several treatments to be able to remove the hair that is not cool.

The way is:

  • Destroy young papaya fruit meat into soft dough.
  • Apply this dough on the foot area is hairy and let stand until dough dries.
  • Then rinse with clean water.
  • Do methods of removing this fleece regularly every few times a week until the foot slowly diminished.

4. How to slow the growth of the Foot

After the foot was missing, it’s good you’re doing treatment to slow the growth of the back foot. One way to slow the growth of the foot naturally is with turmeric and salt.

The method is:

    • Mix turmeric and coarse salt, blender until it becomes thick paste.
    • Apply to the feet, let stand for a moment until the natural ingredients absorb.
  • Then scrub away with turmeric paste opposite direction growth of feather and then rinse.
  • In addition to inhibiting the growth of feather foot, this way can also take care of the skin of the foot to keep it bright.

Eliminating leg hair with natural ingredients is not difficult. Come on, immediately try to get rid of the legs.