How to Remove Eye Pouch Naturally

How to remove eye pouch it was not easy, need work done to get healthy skin. Want to clean and healthy skin naturally must consistently maintain a healthy lifestyle. To know more details, let’s see how to remove the SAC of the eye:


1. Raw Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the natural ingredients that are often used as food for consumption, but apparently potatoes have other benefits for beauty. Raw potatoes can deal with problems with tired and dull skin including eye bag problems. The content of antioxidant enzymes and catecholases in potatoes efficacious brighten the skin so it is suitable for the face.

How to use potatoes for face care, namely by way of blended until soft like the pasta, cover my eyes, and then put the pasta potatoes above your eyes. Let stand for 30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water until clean.

2. Use a sliced cucumber

Astringent substances content in cucumber is able to give you a taste of the fresh on the face. If it is placed in the area around the eyes in addition to refreshing, this can also help remove the SAC of the eye. This is because the cucumbers contain Ascorbic acid and caffeine helps brighten skin turn dark already and moisturize the face. In addition the skin of the face also became firmer because of a cucumber can stimulate cell regeneration of the skin and make the skin becomes younger look.

How to use cucumber for the face is by slicing and stored in the refrigerator for use the next day. Then use cucumber slices by placing them on your eyes while closing your eyes. Then lie down while relaxing and let stand for 15 minutes. Do this method regularly, so your eyes will slowly disappear.

3. Rose water

Tired and sore on the eyes could lead to the emergence of the SAC of the eye, using the juice or rose water, you can reduce these symptoms. It’s easy, simply pour rose water to cotton and then DAB gently on the area around the eyes. Do while lying or relaxing before going to bed at night. If done every day, undoubtedly to avoid will be toned and healthy.

4. Drinking Mineral water

One of the causes of eye bags is the lack of drinking mineral water. To overcome this problem is quite simple, namely do not forget to always drink at least 8 glasses a day. Our body consists of 80% water, therefore it will be very fatal if you lack water intake.

Also avoid alcohol consumption as well as drinks containing caffeine high, because it can help speed up troubleshooting the SAC of the eye. This is because these types of drinks can make the body prone to dehydration.

5. Ice cubes

Ice cubes or cold water commonly used to minimize swollen eyes can be one solution to help overcome eye bag problems. Cold air from the ice cubes can reduce inflammation in the eye. This method is very easy to do, just soak the cloth in ice water and squeeze the water and compress it in the area around the eye.

6. Sports

In addition to stress, negative compounds on the body can also cause pouch black eye. To discard the negative compounds you can do small sports every day before doing routine activity. In addition to being bright shining face, the body will also become more healthy and primed.

That’s some way removing the SAC of the eye naturally. Easy isn’t it? Now you no longer need to be concerned with the panda. As long as the routine tries the ways above, healthy skin glowing NET is no longer just dreams because you can get all of that using only natural ingredients.