How To Relieve Headaches Naturally

If you’re a headache, usually most people immediately takes the headache reliever medicine. However, taking medication too often or sustainable isn’t very good, especially if you include people who frequently experience headache.

How To Relieve Headaches Naturally 1

Rather than relieve headaches with medication, the better you’re doing the easy ways and naturally the following to eliminate the head pain you.

5. Bathing or Shampooing Can relieve headaches

Do you often experience headache due to work pressure or stress with the activities being performed a day? If you feel the headaches caused by stress, it would be much better if you slightly relax and make you relax the body and head.

The easiest way to do is by bathing or shampooing because that’s when you feel relaxed and calm. It is also lit with Aromatherapy or a warm bath with essential oil aromas, guaranteed sense of headache can be lost and hearts you feel calmer.

1. Stretching or Flexing Muscles

One of the causes of headaches are due to strained muscles. Before you take medication, be much better you stretch the muscles of yours first.

Pull your breath deep and stretch and relax part of the neck and shoulders. Do small warming to the movement around the neck, shoulders and head. For example check out the head to the left and right, up and down, and then turn the shoulders forward and back. It would be much better if you join yoga exercises or aerobic muscle in order to make you more relaxed.

2. Drink lots of Mineral water

Did you know that dehydration can also make our heads so sick? This is because we lack body fluids, causing the blood flow and oxygen be hampered when headed to the brain.

Well if you often experience headache suddenly, try directly grab a glass of mineral water and drink. It would be much better if you drink cold mineral water, is expected to be able to relieve the pain of the head automatically refreshing at the same time a dry throat.

3. Perform the massage on the head

When the head was very painful, it feels like we are eager to massaging our heads. Perform a massage on the head, can relieve a headache you are experiencing. Not a few people who choose to call a masseur to massage the head who is sick. How to massage the effective way of twisting and doing for 10 to 15 seconds.

4. Reduce Pain head with ice cubes

Ice cubes not just as complementary drinks you order for more delicious, but ice cubes can also help relieve headaches. The way is, compress the head, neck and crush you with the use of ice cubes. The taste of cold from the ice cube can help to loosen tense muscles and relieve the pain of the head you.

6. Make it a habit to sleep Enough

Headache is also common among people who often stayed up late. Therefore, try to sleep enough every day. Enforce yourself to NAP or sleep more quickly at night.

Find a quiet place or by turning off the lights of the room you when going to sleep. Close your eyes and focus on myself to let go of all the stress and pain of the head that is in the head.

Don’t hesitate to try the easy ways already discussed above. For what else is taking medication, if it turns out that relieve headaches can be done without the help of drugs. In addition, you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy the drugs that cost now is not cheap anymore.