How to Record PC Screen Easily with Software

Record PC screen, be it a laptop or desktop computer, usually done when we want to make a video tutorial or to create streaming video while gaming.

To get the maximum video recording, you surely will need special software to record PC monitor. Find out how to record PC screen using special software that you can easily try the following.

1. Dxtory screen recorder

dxtory screen recorder

Dxtory is software used for recording screen PC. The application is lightweight and has a user interface and simple settings, making it suitable for use by beginners. Dxtory is also capable of recording video with high quality and can record two audio directly. This is perfect for making video tutorials for upload to Youtube.

2. Gamecaster XSplit

How to Record PC Screen Easily with Software 1

Screen recording software for PC is very suitable for you who want to do streaming while playing the game. Xsplit Gamecaster can deliver streaming while playing the game smoothly. Xsplit Gamecaster also serve streaming video with the original quality as you play.

3. Windows 10 Game Bar

How to Record PC Screen Easily with Software 2

Windows 10 games Bar is the default on Windows 10 software that lets you record PC screen. Windows 10 games Bar many be an option the gamers to record their gameplay because this software can record video with high quality but with a smaller file size. How to enable these applications is to press the Windows key + G on when running applications that want to recorded activity.

4. Open Broadcaster Software

How to Record PC Screen Easily with Software 3

Open Broadcaster Software is software for recording screen PC with lots of seeded. You can do live streaming using these applications in real time. This application can also record video and audio via camera and internal and external microphone.

5. WM Capture

How to Record PC Screen Easily with Software 4

WM Capture is software for recording PC screens with superior features, which can record certain parts of the screen and schedule recording so you can specify a schedule for recording PC screens. This feature is suitable for recording live streaming when you don’t have time to watch it.

Those are some software for recording PC screens to support making video tutorials or streaming videos while playing your favorite game. In order for the quality of your video to be maximized, use additional equipment such as a quality webcam and microphone that you can get easily in online stores.