How to Recognize the Causes of Allergies in Babies and How to Resolve

Allergy is one of the health problems that have often experienced by babies. Not much different as adults, sometimes babies can also experience certain allergies react from the immune system against foreign substances are ingested, inhaled, injected, or even touched.

Allergies in Babies

Therefore, parents should pay more attention to how to recognize and cope with allergies in infants so that the fruit can avoid allergic reactions. Factors which might be the cause of allergy in babies include:

1. Factors of insect bites

There are also some other allergens that can happen to babies. For example, insect bites can cause the skin to swell, itch, and flushed. Usually the presence of insects is often not realized around the House that can bite children and cause allergies.

2. The food Factor

Allergies are caused by food more often found in babies than any other factor. Fish, eggs, beans, milk, and clams are some of the most frequently encountered as the cause of allergy in babies.

3. Factor of drugs or chemicals

Symptoms of allergy to the drug can vary greatly, and are divided into two, namely mild to severe symptoms. Mild symptoms that will appear can be a rash, hives, itching on the skin or fever.

4. Environmental factors

Allergies in babies caused by the environment are less common, because usually allergies will occur when the child has reached the age of 18 months. At that age, toddlers can show allergies to objects that are inside or outside the room such as dust mites, fungi, cockroaches, animal hair, and pollen.

For first aid, Mother can apply telon oil which serves to give warmth and dilate blood vessels around insect bites, so that the inflammatory reaction is faster.

The symptoms that arise will usually appear after several hours of dispensing and lost after the drug is stopped within about 2 days. Then there are certain chemicals that could be the cause of allergy, such as detergents can cause allergies in babies as well.

How to overcome food allergies in infants

An allergy is most commonly suffered by babies. Usually foods that cause allergy in infants include products containing milk, like cow’s milk and infant formula, and foods that contain gluten such as a wide range of wheat (wheat barley, oats), seafood (fish, shrimp, crab, and lobster) , beans (soy beans, long beans, peanuts), celery.

Therefore, we recommend that you keep the trigger food allergies as the mother to the baby and the baby already provided when attempting to step on 3 years.

How to cope with skin allergies in infants

How to cope with skin allergies in infants by preventing a baby scratch his skin, as it will leave a scar that will be black. Then, do not carelessly use creams to cope with allergies.

Consult the doctor in advance to get the best treatment. Coconut oil and Aloe Vera can be applied topically to the skin of the baby but still should be under the supervision of a doctor. Use soft and comfortable clothes to baby.

That’s the tips and how to recognize and cope with allergies in babies can Mother do. The most important thing to note that is out of the source or cause of allergies in the baby, so the mother will be easier to do prevention and treatment that is right for the fruit of the heart.