How to Prevent Breast Cancer As Early As Possible

The month of October is celebrated as the international month of Breast Cancer Care. But, it’s the extent to which you recognize the disease of breast cancer? Although deadly, it turns out the disease of breast cancer could be prevented by the proper way. The following health tips about how to prevent breast cancer that you can do in everyday life with ease.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer As Early As Possible 1

How to prevent breast cancer you can do include:

1. Eat healthy foods

Tips to prevent breast cancer are by observing the intake of nutrients. Consume healthy foods is one of the easy ways to prevent breast cancer. Diet with eating healthy fats and reducing red meat can lower the risk of someone affected by breast cancer.

2. Maintain Ideal weight

One way to prevent breast cancer is by maintaining ideal body weight. Indeed it sounds less important, but being overweight can raise the risk of many cancers, including breast cancer. Start a diet food consumption not just can help control weight but also health-mu

3. Enough exercise

Did you know that those who are active at least 30 minutes per day have a lower risk for breast cancer is contracted? So, let’s begin living off to prevent breast cancer. Ran it, prepare your sports equipment and sports outfit of yours and start to use sports as a habit a day-your day’s fun.

4. Reduce the Hormones Estrogen

For women who have been or are menopause, estrogen hormone pills often consume as a form of therapy. This is not an estrogen hormone is safe to consume in the long term because it can raise the risk of developing cancer of the breast and other cancers. So, how to prevent breast cancer as early as possible can be started by reducing the consumption of the hormone estrogen.

5. Reduce consumption of pill

The use of birth control pills is actually relative, the younger women consume it, the lower the risk. However, above the age of 35, birth control pills are increasingly at risk for those who consume them, especially if the woman is a smoker. If possible, stop taking birth control pills if you are 35 or above to prevent breast cancer.

6. Avoid Alcohol

For those of you that frequent consumption of alcohol, try to limit it to only drink 1 time per day, because even a small measure of alcohol alone can already raise the risk of developing cancer of the breast.

7. Avoid Radiation

Some medical procedures such as radiology or radiation dose require Tomography to be carried out. Try to avoid this medical method except when absolutely necessary because of radiation is one of the most components can cause various kinds of cancer in the human body.

8. Avoid Smoking

One way to prevent breast cancer is by eliminating the habit of smoking. Not smoking could be one of the best things for your welfare. Those who smoke are more at risk of breast cancer than those who don’t. Thus, reduce or quit smoking to avoid breast cancer.

9. Active Feeding

Breastfeeding is very beneficial to the health and growth of the child. In addition, active nursing can also lower the risk of breast cancer for the mother. According to research, women are actively feeding for about 1 year and have a much lower risk for breast cancer compared to those who did not breastfeed.

10. The Diagnosis of breast cancer at home

You know, diagnosing breast cancer or checking breast cancer doesn’t always have to be done in a hospital. Check the condition of your breasts frequently with the following steps:

– In front of a mirror, lift your arm; and see if there are any changes in breast shape or fluid such as blood or pus coming out of the nipple.

– Lay down and in the position of one arm lifted, and check by pressing slowly on the area of the breast and its surroundings. If there is a hardening or other unusual sensation, call your doctor immediately.

That’s a couple of ways to prevent breast cancer you can do early on. Let’s protect ourselves and the people we care about by living healthy to prevent breast cancer. Do you also have any other tips to prevent breast cancer? Don’t forget to share with us!