How to play Mobile Legends for beginners

Who has never heard about Mobile Gaming Legends? Yes, a mobile game Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) is very popular because of the game play is so interesting. To master this strategy game, it takes practice and playing time intensively.

Mobile Legends

For you beginners, you can play this game smoothly despite recently wanted to start it. Here’s how to play Mobile Gaming Legends for the beginner.

1. Understand the role of each character

After understanding the Hero class, how to play Mobile Legends next studied the roles of each character. Basically, the Mobile game is requiring Legends team work between fellow players to win the fight. There are four roles in Mobile Legends i.e. Tanker, Carry, Support and Jungler.

Each of these roles, namely as the initiator, killing many Hero and also helps the team when it was war. Try practicing responsible for each role and select a role that is most convenient for you.

2. Identify Class Hero

On Mobile Gaming Legends, you will play a character or commonly called Hero. Each Hero has different skills and abilities. Basically, there are six classes of Hero in Legends, i.e. Mobile tanks, Fighter, Mage, Assassin, Marksman and Support.

From there, try first to play using the Hero of all classes. The goal, so you can feel the advantages and also the shortcomings of each champion. Once you know the characteristics of them, then select the Hero class if it fits your way of playing.

3. Practice the Last-Last-hit hit is the basic science in Mobile Legends. This is putting minion at the last moment to get the gold. With the last-hit much, meaning you will also get more gold. So you can purchase items faster than your opponent.

4. Master A Hero

After understanding the Hero class as well as the character role, surely you have one favorite Hero. Play the Hero on and on. Mobile Legends itself provides the means to practice like Custom Mode. If you already master one Hero, then you try to play the other.

5. Do not Play Alone

One of the mistakes of many people while playing Mobile Legends is playing alone. In fact, Mobile Legends is a game that requires teamwork to win the game. The role of each team member is required in the war. Without your help, your team will be in trouble. Try to work together in a compact, because we all must both want to achieve victory.

6. Always Watch Folder

Map or folder is one of the keys in the Mobile Gaming Legends. How does? The folder can provide us information such as our position, the position of friends as well as to estimate the position of the enemy. Always be vigilant in any situation, because one mistake can lead to defeat.

7. Watch Live Stream

Legend Mobile provides live streaming or watching people who are also playing the game directly. You can access it in the in-game or through social media like YouTube and Instagram.

Mobile Legends players who do recording or live stream are of course a reliable and professional player with high skill. By watching their game, you can analyze how to play it, so you can apply it in your own game with the team.

That is how to play Mobile Legends for beginners. Easy enough is not it? Be diligent practice so that your skills will be more honed. Want to get the Mobile Legends experience to the fullest? Improve your playing performance with the special joystick Mobile Legends.