How to Overcome Sweat That Causes Body Odor with Deodorant

The use of deodorant becomes an important thing in preventing body odor. However, sometimes choosing the right deodorant is not an easy thing. If one chooses, instead of the body odor problem is resolved, the underarm skin may become irritated.


A variety of things such as sporting activities, activities under the blazing sun or room with a hot and humid air can make the body become easier to sweating. When the body sweats, risk to experience body odor sometimes could not be inevitable.

Armpit is one part of the body that is prone to sweating. In this part of the body, there are apocrine glands, the glands that release the sweat. Actually, the resulting sweat does not smell, but can cause odor if mixed with bacteria found on the skin surface.

There are several factors that can affect the onset of body odor, these include:

1. Lack of personal hygiene
One way to prevent body odor is to maintain personal hygiene, especially in the armpit area. Can be done with a bath twice a day and rub the armpit area using antibacterial soap, to prevent bacterial body odor multiply.

2. Wearing clothes wet sweat
To overcome this problem, it is recommended to always use clean clothing, and immediately change clothes when you’re sweating.

3. Accumulation of bacteria and sweat on the armpit hairs
Shaving armpit hairs regularly can help reduce the amount of bacteria and perspiration trapped in each armpit hairs strands.

In addition, to help avoid body odor, you can use deodorant every bathroom runs out to prevent body odor.

Deodorants can be powerful weapons in order to prevent the occurrence of body odor. However, it’s good you pay attention to the following when choosing a deodorant:

1. Contain tri ethyl citrate
The content is safe and tri ethyl citrate beneficial when used in deodorants. Tri ethyl citrate content on deodorant anti bacterial effects can reinforce that was able to prevent the reproduction of the bacteria the cause of body odor.

2. Avoid aluminum and alcohol content
Many deodorant products incorporate aluminum as an active ingredient that will clog the sweat glands in the armpits. Aluminum can reduce the risk of body odor, but this material can irritate the armpit, especially on sensitive skin. In addition, underarm skin irritation can also be due to alcohol content in the deodorant product.

3. Avoid paraben content
Paraben is a widely used cosmetic preservative, only this material can cause irritation in some people, especially if there is injury to the armpits. Which also need to watch out for, the use of deodorants containing parabens can trigger breast cancer, although this still needs further research.

The use of a deodorant can be an effective way to prevent body odor. If the use of deodorant was unable to expel body odor problems, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. The doctor will look for the cause of body odor that you experienced and the right solution, so that body odor will no longer be a problem for you